2010 TRIP TO ENGLAND, by Colin L. Miller

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I got up at 7:00, and made breakfast from my leftover snacks. Then, after a final check of the small room & bathroom, I returned to the lobby and turned in the keycard. It was sunny and warm and the streets were crowded with pedestrians and cars. I made my way over to the nearby Queensway station and down to the westbound platform. At 8:03, I was on the Central Line train, and two minutes later off at the next station, Notting Hill. I transferred to District Line South and arrived at Earl's Court station at 8:32, for the next transfer, to Picadilly Line west to Terminal 4. I arrived at Terminal 4 at 9:19, and exited the Underground station. Upstairs, I got my boarding passes from a kiosk and got in line at the security and passport checkpoints. In the terminal, I had about 10 in bills and more in coin, so I stopped at a Boots Pharmacy to get another two doses of sumatriptan: -7.99. Then I got some snacks and a bottle of water at the nearby newsstand store, -2.99. That took care of the paper money, leaving 14.74 in coins.

I was at Gate 2 by 10:00 I still had over an hour to wait before boarding, so I tended to my runny nose, watched the action out the windows, walked around and waited some more. Finally the call for my boarding group came, and after a boarding pass and passport check, I went through some long jetway corridors to Continental flt. CO5, a Boeing 777-200ER. My seat was 41A on the left side in the rear. I discovered that I had good legroom due to the shape of the tail end of the aircraft, and possibly other factors.

At 12:17, the big jet was finally in the air, heading northeast not far from Carlisle and then between Ireland and Scotland and the Atlantic Ocean. A drink service was provided, followed later by a meal: chicken marinara. I noticed that my allergy was subsiding, finally. We tracked west along with the sun until we started heading southeast through Quebec and then in the USA: over central Ohio & Kentucky, western Tennessee, then a turn to avoid Mississippi along the eastern edge of Arkansas, through northern Louisiana, and into Houston. There was a 2nd meal service, but I declined as I had planned since June 10 (when I has here last) to get lunch at one of the concourse's food courts.

The plane's wheels touched the runway at 9:49 pm BST, or six hours earlier for local time, at 3:46 pm CDT. So, we were in the air for 9 hours 32 minutes. Ten minutes later I was off the plane at IAH Gate 18. As usual, it was a long walk to the baggage claim, security & passport checks area. I eventually made it through all the lines and back into the concourse. I found the Panda Express that I missed the first time and got my meal, $-7.60. I still had time before my next flight, so I made a phone call home, then I rode the automated tram to the other terminal.

At 5:15 I arrived at Gate B69, which was a group of gates at the end of a long corridor in the concourse. It was very crowded including electric carts ferrying passengers in and out. I rested on the floor against the wall and watched a video on the netbook. An hour later, I was on Continental flt. CO2383, an RJ145, seat 17A. I had to check my large bag at the gate since the overhead bins were too small for it. At 6:51 I was in the air and heading for home.

The regional commuter jet touched down at Tucson International Airport (TUS) at 7:55 pm CDT / 6:55 local time (1 hour 4 minutes in the air). I got off at gate B9 and made my way out past the baggage claim and to the shuttle van roadside stop where a van was waiting. A few minutes later I was off at my truck, right where I'd left it. I paid $75.22 (and a $2 tip to the van driver), and I was on the road for a 75-minute drive home.

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