2010 TRIP TO ENGLAND, by Colin L. Miller

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Today I had to move on to the last part of this big trip, to London, with day trips to Bath, Dover, and Canterbury. I got up at 6:30 am and finished packing. An hour later I went downstairs for breakfast, stashing my stuff in the computer room area next to the bar & TV. After breakfast, I handed over the 92.00 in cash. After checking the rail schedule on the Internet, I walked back to the train station. At the ticket window, I got a one-way from SOU to WAT for 32.70 on credit card.

After a 28-minute wait at Platform 1, I was on the train. An hour and twenty minutes later I was off at the big and very busy Waterloo Rail Station. My next ride was from the Underground Tube station, Jubilee Line west from platform 5 for a 10-minute ride to Bond Street Station. I then transferred to Central Line west to Queensway Station. I then navigated the heavy crowds up to the street and over a couple of blocks to the Grand Royale London Hyde Park hotel for a partial check-in where I left my luggage and headed back out.

At 11:42 I was back at Queensway, on the west platform for a quick ride to Notting Hill for a transfer to District & Circle Lines, platform 2 for Paddington Rail Station. At the ticket window I got a day-return off-peak to Bath Spa (BTH), 48.80 on the credit card. After waiting at the status board area, I found the note for my train, platform 3. At 2:00 pm, I was off at Bath just like last year (June 4). This time, I knew my way around and quickly navigated the busy city streets to the public library just north of Pulteney Bridge, in an indoor shopping center. A librarian introduced me to the newspaper microfilm stock and reader. I was searching for a note in the Bath Chronicle around April 26, 1859, about the death of Edwin Miller. After paying 0.50, I got my printout of the article. Since it was getting close to 4:00, I hurried out and over to Bath Abbey for their tower tour, 5, then after tour, I got some gift shop items, 7.38. Last year I was too busy for the tour, instead visiting the archives and walking all the way to Walcot's Lansdown Cemetery and back down. I then returned to the rail station for the next train to London.

Inside the Bath Abbey clock, views from the abbey rooftop, train back to London

I got off the train at 6:15 at Paddington Station. Since there was quite a bit of daylight left and time on my hands, I decided to walk the rest of the way back to the hotel. I stopped for a quick dinner at the Edgeware Rd/Crawford Pl. McDonald's (3.79) mostly because it was there and I was a bit off course due to the typically crazy layout of the city streets where nothing goes in a straight line for long. Also, my GPS street navigator wouldn't lock on to the satellites. With the free Wi-Fi, I did some browsing. Later, I continued on, ending up at Marble Arch. Since I was there, I got a few supplies at the Sainsbury's, 1.79. In familiar territory, I finally walked back along the northern edge of Hyde Park to the hotel, and arrived at 8:00 pm. I got my keycard and went to the ground floor room, #23, which was typically small, but quite good for one person, and, as it was another hot, humid, and sweaty day, it gratefully had air conditioning. Tomorrow was my last full day, and it was a busy one: rail to Dover Castle and the white cliffs, and Canterbury.

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