2010 TRIP TO ENGLAND, by Colin L. Miller

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I got up at 6:40 to get ready for the next part of the trip: Southampton. The weather was cool & sunny, and it was still high allergy season. Forty-five minutes later I went downstairs for breakfast. At 7:55 I check out. -105.00 cash. I walked the few blocks to the train station and get a ticket for Southampton (SOU) at the ticket window: 50 on credit card. Then I went to Platform 2 to wait for the 8:23 train.

At 8:46 I got off at Banbury, Platform 3, to transfer to the next train. There, it was standing room only until many passengers got out at Oxford at 9:15. I finally got a seat, and the train continued on to SOU, arriving at 10:55. I exited the station onto Western Esplanade and took the pedestrian bridge north over the tracks to the other side. As I had prepared on Google maps/street view, I walked a block north to Commercial Road and west to Hill Lane, then north four blocks to Landguard Road, and finally a couple of blocks west to Hunters Lodge B&B.


I checked in at 11:15 and got my upper floor room and the end of the hall in the back. After dropping off my luggage I headed back to the train station for today's main activity: Winchester. I got a day-return ticket, 5.50, and got the train to WIN at platform 1 at 11:59. Seventeen minutes later I was off at Winchester. This was one of the hometowns of the Inglefield family, and 3rd great grandfather Cornelius Inglefield was born here. His parents, James Inglefield & Elizabeth Dove, were married here on January 13, 1817 at St. Thomas Parish Church (which was later torn down) a block from the cathedral. I walked across the street from the train station entrance to Sussex Street and the Hampshire County Archives. I viewed transcript books of parish registers, then I got a printout of the marriage microfiche record for James & Elizabeth, 1.50.

With today's research mission done, I headed back out at 1:35 on Sussex Street to High Street southeast to the King Alfred statue. Then south on The Square to Winchester Cathedral, 15.24 for admission, tour, and gift shop items. Like I did last year at York Minster and Salisbury Cathedral, I did the tower tour, which included a visit to the rooftop and a nice panoramic view of the city. After the tour, I went back out and around to the ruins of Wolvesey Castle.


For a late lunch at 4:30, I stopped at a nearby McDonald's, 4.24, and rested my weary feet. I returned to the train station at 5 pm, and waited 30 minutes at Platform 2 for my train back to SOU. Twenty minutes later I was back in Southampton, and I returned to the B&B to rest.

I went back out for a evening walk around the city at 8:52. The sun was down but it wasn't dark. At Mayflower Park docks, I got photos of the sunset, then I headed back in by the medieval city walls to the Civic Centre and its clock tower, then back past the train station to Hunters Lodge. Tomorrow I'd visit Chichester & Fishbourne Roman Palace.

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