2010 TRIP TO ENGLAND, by Colin L. Miller

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I got up at 6:50 to get ready for the next part of my trip: Warwick. Forty minutes later I was downstairs for the usual breakfast. When finished, I handed over 90 cash to the proprietor and joined the pedestrian traffic (mostly schoolkids). At the train station's ticket window I got a one-way on Chiltern Railways to Warwick (WRW) for 10.10 cash. At 8:45 I was waiting on Platform 1, then I noticed a change and crossed over to the other platform. Ten minutes later I was on the train. One hour and four minutes later I got off at Birmingham Snow Hill station to transfer to the next train at Platform 2.

I arrived at WRW at 10:47. This was a very small station with a small, one floor red brick office building & lounge and a pedestrian underpass to the other side. The platform was mostly uncovered except for a small shelter. Like I had practiced on Google street view, I headed southeast on Station Road to Coventry Road and south to Coten End & Emscote Road. I arrived at Park House Guest House B&B 13 minutes later and checked in. They did not have the same room, but a larger one was available at 5 per day extra, which was ok.

After leaving my baggage in the room, I went back out, at 11:30, and headed back along Emscote Rd-Coten End, then further southwest on Smith Street to High Street and a few blocks southwest to Church Street southeast to Warwick Castle entrance. There was a short line and I got tickets to the castle and the dungeon tour, 22.95 & 5. The tour wasn't for a while so I wandered the castle grounds, climbing up to the towers and following the narrow passageways down and back up to the next tower then coming out and the ground level with a museum area. Then I got in the dungeon tour line, got a souvenir photo, and went in. This tour was mostly a Halloween-ish, spooky-ghoulish show involving the Black Death, harsh medieval conditions, torture chambers, etc.

I visited a few more areas of the castle and grounds before leaving at 2:00 pm in time to visit the county archives. I retrieved my netbook from my room and went back to Coten End where it splits into St. Nicholas Church St/Smith St/Priory Rd, and took Priory Rd. west by the edge of Priory Park to the archives building. After checking in, I went through some transcript books and microfilm records to see if I could find info on the Manks & Proctor families. I did not find much in 2 hours, by closing time. They were open on Saturday so I could return. I then left and walked through Priory Park to Coten End and got an early dinner at Subway, 5.09.

I was back at my room at 6:15. My upper floor window had a northern view and I could see the elevated railroad about a block away. Every now and then a train would pass by. In the air I could see low-flying jets heading towards Birmingham.

I went to bed at 10:30. Tomorrow I'd visit Stratford-upon-Avon.

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