2010 TRIP TO ENGLAND, by Colin L. Miller

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I got up at 7:30 and twenty minutes later I was downstairs, the only one for breakfast (tea, eggs, sausage, and toast). I didn't need coffee as I had resistance to caffeine (a DNA test said I was a fast metabolizer). I was on the road at 8:15. Thirty minutes later I was on Platform 1 with a 10.10 day-return ticket to Gloucester (GCR) on First Great Western. At 8:54 I was on my way, arriving at Gloucester at 9:45 am. This part of England was the home area of the Drew family. Great grandfather Francis Miller married Mary Jane Crook Drew in Massachusetts. She was the daughter of Hiram Drew. He and wife Emma Crook emigrated to the USA from Cinderford, Gloucestershire in the 1870s. Hiram's father-in-law Henry Crook and some sons & daughters also went along. They were in the iron foundry industry.

GLoucester train station was larger than Worcester, with four sets of tracks and covered platforms on both sides. I made my way out and onto Bruton Way northwest to Worcester Street and under the railroad to Alvin Street. Trying to do it from memory, I went the wrong way for a couple of blocks before finding the Gloucestershire Archives on Alvin Street. The archives were typical of the ones I'd been to before, with a reception area and free lockers to store my stuff. Inside, I got help with the online catalog and put in a order for the staff to retrieve a book of poems by 4th great grandmother Catherine Smith Drew (she lived in and near Cinderford, including Flaxley and East Dean). While waiting for the poems, I moved onto microfiche of parish records and wills. I ended up printing up the marriage record for James Drew & Catherine Smith (January 1, 1806 at Flaxley), and some Drew wills (12.00 for all the printouts). When the poems arrived, I got a 5 photo permit and imaged every page.

I left the archives loaded with new information at 2:00 pm and headed back into the city and over to Gloucester Cathedral. There was an activity in progress so I had to wait a little over 30 minutes. Inside a tour group was starting out so I tagged along. There were several Polish college-age people in the group. At the end of the tour we went around the cloister area, which had been used a few times by the film crew of the Harry Potter movies, including the one coming out later this year and next year. On my way out I got a guidebook and some postcards, 7.00. Quite ready for lunch, I got a fast meal at McDonald's, 5.00.

After lunch I returned to the train station. The status board guided me to Platform 4 for the trip back to Worcester. After a 28-minute wait, I was on the train. Fourty-eight minutes later I was off at Worcester Foregate. Tired, I walked back to the B&B to rest, then process the digital photos on the netbook, and watch videos. Tomorrow I would visit Oxford.

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