2010 TRIP TO ENGLAND, by Colin L. Miller

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Part I of the trip was over and now it was time to begin the next. I got up a bit early, at 6:15 am, and got ready for departure. Twenty minutes later I had checked out and was on my way across the street to the train station. At the ticket window I got a one-way ticket to Worcester (NCL to WOF), 92 on the credit card. Then at the ATM, I got another 200 cash. At 7:12 am I was on the train in time for the 7:24 departure. Along the way there was a stop at Sheffield, where great grandfather Francis Miller was born and grew up before moving with parents & siblings to the USA in 1881.

At 10:30 I got off at BHM (Birmingham New Street) to transfer to the train for WOF. An hour later, I got off at Worcester Foregate Station, a small station with two outdoor platforms, one on each side and a two-level office section. I hauled my stuff down the stairway and out onto Foregate Street. A bit off course because I was trying to navigate from memory, I went north to Castle Street then west southwest along Castle St-Farrier St. to Croft Road, which went south back under the railroad tracks and to a small park overlooking the river Severn, Le Vesinet Promenade. There were some small, narrow canal boats moored below.

I dragged my roller bag behind me with my overstuffed computer bag over the A4/Bridge Street bridge, then to New Road southwest to the Tybridge Street roundabout, then west on St. Johns and then Bromyard Road to the Welland House Bed & Breakfast. I got my room key from the proprietor.

Seventy minutes after arrival I went back out to the bridge over the Severn. Set back from the river a couple of blocks further down was Worcester Cathedral. In the water were dozens of swans. Along the river edge were stinging nettle plants with bugs. So, of course, I got some pictures of the bugs and some stings from the nettles. Then I did a walk-by of the cathedral and headed north back into the city to the library & archives. With some assistance, I was shown a computer terminal with special access to some online baptism records. I noticed that the computer keyboard was a bit different. Some keys were in different places, which made entering passwords difficult. I quickly located the transcribed records for Francis J. Miller and brother Edward. They were both baptized in Dudley, Worcestershire, at St. Thomas Parish Church, on March 23, 1831. Francis put on his US citizenship forms that he was born here at Worcester on May 16, 1828. Dudley is about 25 miles to the north northwest not far west of Birmingham.

With today's research mission complete, I left the county archives & library just before 3:00 pm and went back to the cathedral through pedestrian street mall areas. I walked around for an hour taking many digital photos and got the usual guide book and post cards at the gift shop (3.00). It was getting close to closing time, so I went back in and stopped at a local Subway (which seemed to be everywhere) for a late lunch/early dinner (5.00).

I was back at my room at the bed & breakfast at 5:00 pm to finally rest and review my photos on the netbook. After a 3.5-hour nap, I got up for a snack and to watch videos. I also had free Wi-Fi access here. My plan was to go out when it got dark to see the sights at night. at 11pm I went out. I got a couple of photos of the cathedral from the bridge but then all the lights along the riverside and the cathedral went out. There was still enough light to see where I was going, so I continued my walk back to the cathedral then onto the better-lit streets, and headed back to the B&B to get ready for tomorrow's activities: Gloucester archives and the cathedral.

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