2010 TRIP TO ENGLAND, by Colin L. Miller

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SUNDAY, JUNE 13, 2010

I still had the headache, but I was up at 7:40 to get ready for the day's activities. At 8:45 I went to the train station and got an offpeak day-return ticket to Peterborough (PBO): 83.70 on the credit card. At 8:52 I was on the KGX-bound train at Platform 4. Two hours and thirty-two minutes later I was off at the PBO station platform. I walked to the cathedral area. There was a pedestrian street mall near the cathedral gate and a McDonald's, so I got a quick lunch (3.59). I noticed a Boots Pharmacy nearby, so I went in to look for headache medication. They had migraine pills, but only at the counter. After I filled out a little questionnaire/form, the pharmacist approved one box with two pills of something similar to Imitrex called Imigran Recovery (sumatriptan), and an OTC Excedrin-type box of pills, 10.74. I took one sumatriptan pill and continued on to Peterborough Cathedral. I got some post cards at the gift shop (2.00). It was a typical cathedral, with long naves, very high ceilings, a choir area, stained glass windows, effigies, and little chapels. On the grounds outside, were the usual gravestones.

Then there was the three mile walk to Flag Fen Bronze Age Archaeology Park. After walking through the residental area and into the industrial/commercial area, I went along the edge of narrow roads by farm fields (Storey's Bar Rd-Pearces Rd-Northey Rd). I'd plotted this path with the help of Google maps satellite and street views. Many wildflowers were in bloom and I was able to get a decent photo of a butterfly, Small Tortoiseshell (Aglais urticae).

Small Tortoiseshell (Aglais urticae), Nymphalidae family on roadside, Peterborough, UK.

In the previous year, I'd heard about this place from a 2/27/2000 episode of the Channel 4 series "Time Team." After at stop at the visitors center, I toured the park grounds and a reconstruction of a bronze age roundhouse, then I went into the perservation building where actual wooden posts and plank fragments from an ancient elevated swamp walkway were carefully perserved where they were found. After going through the museum building, I visited an iron age roundhouse before returning to the visitors center for a drink, a rest, and a review of my photos. Admission: 5, drink: 1.

To get back to the city, I took a nice bike path that went along a canal and a river. By now my headache was just about gone. Then I returned to the train station. I was on Platform 4 at 5:35 in time for the train back to NCL. I arrived at 7:00. After a brief stop at my hotel room, I get a quick dinner at McDonald's (and for the Wi-Fi). 3.89. At 11:15 I go back out now that it has finally gotten dark. I make my way to the riverfront to see the bridges. By midnight, I'm back at my room. Tomorrow I'd do a daytrip to Northallerton to visit the North Yorkshire Archives to see if I could find more information about the family of a great-great grandmother, Jane HALL.

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