2010 TRIP TO ENGLAND, by Colin L. Miller

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Introduction & Trip Preparation

This was my second big trip to England. Trip planning began on January 8, 2010. On March 9, vacation time was scheduled for June 10 to June 25 (12 working days). I had plenty of vacation time saved up at work with more to come in the next few months, but I set the timeframe to be like last year's, 17 days. Another coworker took my preferred time in late May, pushing my start out by two weeks into the start of summer. The plane ticket was a few hundred dollars higher than last year and included travel insurance. As it would turn out, the unpronounceable Iceland volcano Eyjafjallajökull made getting insurance a really good idea.

Originally the travel plan was more ambitious, with short trips to Scotland, Ireland, and Paris, but those eventually got discarded as the travel plan slowly took shape. One main goal was to get more family history information, and there were several places to visit. Also, those places were only open certain days of the week, and I was only planning on getting around on foot or by train. Near the end, after checking out a map of England, I noticed I could fit in a day trip to Gloucester and the archives there. Scotland and the Falkirk Wheel, Dublin and the Book of Kells, and Paris would have to wait for another time. When the time came to leave on the trip, my travel plan had grown to four pages, two columns of 8-point type, with details of every step of the journey, including addresses, phone numbers, dates & times, websites and schedules.

Supplies and Equipment

It was a bit easier this time. I didn't need to pay for a passport, my Olympus Stylus 1020 camera & accessories and the Lenovo S10 netbook & accessories were all still working, I still had the Garmin Nuvi 275T street nav GPS, the Motorola L2 Silver unlocked GSM cell phone (that I could buy another SIM card & top-up minutes for), and there were a few Pounds left on the OysterCard. I also had three leftover travel books on England that I could re-use:

Newly acquired travel planning books were:

New or replacement items for the trip were a Kodak digital video recorder (Zi8) & accessories, and clothes. The new travel books were funded by birthday & holiday Amazon gift certificates.

Where to Go and What to See

I did not want to copy my previous trip, although there would inevitably be some things in common, and I wanted to be a bit more ambitious, such as ranging outside of England to Scotland and/or Ireland, and to Paris. If possible, I wanted to do more family history research. If I continued on the Miller history, I'd have to revisit Dorchester and possibly Chippenham. If I made contact with Miller relatives in Bath, then there, too.

Setting the Itinerary

As always, deciding on where to go, what to do, in what order, and how much it would all cost was a large undertaking, but I had several months to work it all out. Internet research and maps were a great help. Google street view showed me what various locations looked like from ground level, and satellite/overhead view showed larger areas in detail. Those maps only showed so much, so it wouldn't spoil the suprise and adventure of seeing new places and things in person.


This travel plan was built up over the course of several weeks. Some line items were easy as they had to happen, or had to follow a previous item. Others took much examination and comparison, involving online maps and street views, information websites, train schedules, and spreadsheets where possible itineraries were compared and evaluated for practicality. Some places were only available on certain days, so that had to be taken into account, and geography had to be considered as travel was time consuming and expensive. Then supplemental information was added, such as links to websites, addresses, phone numbers, admission prices, and opening/closing times. The plan was also important for setting a budget. Major costs were easy to estimate, such as plane & train fares, and hotel costs. Other items were smaller, but the costs could add up over two weeks.

After a lot of work, a step-by-step plan took shape. One way of looking at it was that it was a dry-run or simulation of the trip. It was also helpful in estimating costs. There was constant refinement. In the end, not every item was done or done in sequence, but it worked very well.

    1. Drive from SV to TUS long-term parking ($3.50/day * 17 days + taxes/fees = about $70).
    2. Shuttle van to terminal [$2 tip].
    3. Continental Flight CO2156 (RJ145, seat 17A).
      1. Depart TUS to IAH.
      2. Arrive IAH.
    4. Tram to main terminal, stop at food court.
    5. Transfer to flight CO4 (B777-200, seat 40L) for LHR.
    1. 0930 Arrive London.
    2. 1000 Passport check. Currency conversion, $1250 to about £815 - Travelex £4 fee.
    3. Get supplies: vending machine SIM card for phone [£10.00]; find top-up vendor: [£20.00].
    4. Go downstairs to Terminal 4 Tube Station. Add credit to OysterCard [£10.00].
    5. Picadilly Line, Heathrow Terminal 4 to Kings Cross Station.
    6. Off at Green Park station, transfer to Victoria Line north to Kings Cross.
    7. KGX to NCL [credit card: £26.50], one-way off-peak, 3.25hrs] [ http://www.nationalrail.co.uk/ ].
    8. 1130 KGX.
    9. 1426 NCL.
    10. Central Station TIC: maps, postcards & stamps [£3]. Ask about Rover ticket for Sunday.
    11. Walk to across the street to hotel. [Newcastle visitor info].
    12. Check-in at County Hotel by Thistle [website] , Neville St., opposite Central Station, £275 (prepaid) for 4 nights, 6/11 - 6/15 [INFO].
    13. The Castle Keep a few blocks east and south of Central Station [website]: 10a-5p Mo-Sa; Su: 12-5 [£4]. (near cathedral & black gate).
    14. The Black Gate [info].
    15. The Cathedral Church of St. Nicholas [website]: (also Cathedral Church of St Mary just west and north of train station and hotel.)
    16. Walk around town, etc. Get snacks/drinks/supplies from a store such as Sainsbury’s.
    17. Get dinner [£7].
    18. Subway just west of hotel entrance across street from train station.
    19. O’Brien’s sandwich shop around corner to north of hotel.
    20. Yate’s restaurant on Grainger St. north of hotel “burger & drink £5.25, big breakfast £3.95, meals for £6.95” a Boots, KFC, Pizza Hut in shopping area Grainger/Newgate St., BK at Westgate/Clayton. Sainsbury’s on Strawberry Ln & Gallowgate near St James Metro Station, north of Newgate Shopping Center.
    1. Breakfast. [£5]
    2. Walk to NCL rail station.
    3. Get Day-return Newcastle to Peterborough: NCL-PBO (2.25hrs, 0 changes) [credit card: £50].
    4. Depart NCL.
    5. Arrive PBO.
    6. TIC: maps, postcards. [£2]
    7. Walk to Peterborough Cathedral: free admission, open daily [website]. Snack shop: Mo-Sa 10-3.
    8. Walk to Flag Fen Bronze Age Centre (10a-5p). Entry: [£5.50]
    9. Flag Fen Archaeology Park, The Droveway off Northey Road, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire PE6 7QJ
    10. Return to town. Lunch. [£6]
    11. Depart PBO.
    12. Arrive NCL.
    13. Dinner [£7].
    1. Get up around 0700. Breakfast [£5].
    2. Get 1-day Rover ticket for AD122 from bus driver or any TIC [£8].
    3. 0740 To train station (NCL). Day-return to Hexham: NCL-HEX, 0756-0840 (45min, 0 changes) [£11].
    4. 0756 NCL.
    5. 0840 HEX. Arrive Hexham Station. Walk to AD122 bus stop at TIC. Postcards [£2].
    6. TIC: Wentworth Car Park, Wentworth Place, Hexham, Northumberland NE46 1QE
    7. 0900 At Hexham Tourist Information Center (TIC). Get on Bus AD122 for Chesters Roman Fort [MAP].
    8. 1013 On AD122 Bus for Housesteads Roman Fort & Hadrian’s Wall (10a-6p).
    9. 1029 Off at Housesteads car park. Walk to entry [£4.80].
    10. 1145 Return to car park (possible walk to Vindolanda).
    11. 1159 AD122 Bus to Vindolanda Fort (Hadrian’s Wall) + Roman Army Museum.
    12. 1209 Off at Vindolanda (10a-6p). Entry [£4.90] or [£9] for fort + museum.
    13. 1315 Return to bus stop.
    14. 1324 Depart on AD122 Bus.
    15. 1351 Arrive at Walltown & Roman Army Museum. [map]
    16. 1400 Entry [£4.50] or [£9] for Vindolanda + museum].
    17. 1505 Depart, return to bus stop.
    18. 1516 on AD122 Bus.
    19. 1532 off at Birdoswald Roman Fort (10a-530p) [map].
    20. 1540 Entry [£4.80].
    21. 1700 Return to bus stop.
    22. 1710 AD122 to Hexham.
    23. 1830 At Hexham rail station (HEX-NCL).
    24. 1844 Depart HEX (next train at 1926). 45min, 0 changes.
    25. 1930 Arrive NCL. Stop at hotel room.
    26. Dinner [£6.00].
    1. 8:00 Breakfast.
    2. 8:40 To NCL station. Day-return to Northallerton: NCL-NTR: 45min nonstop 0900-0942 [credit card: £12].
    3. 0900 NCL.
    4. 0942 NTR.
    5. Northallerton: North Yorkshire Record Office, a few blocks NE on Malpas Rd. Mo-Fr: 930a-415p [info].
    6. archives@northyorks.gov.uk Tel: 01609 777585 [call or email for reservation before visit]
    7. HALL family in Croft area near Darlington. Also look for info on MILLNS (MILNE).
    8. Northallerton Tourist Information, The Applegarth, DL7 8LZ, 1000-1400 Mo-Fr. [info]
    9. Lunch [£5].
    10. Return to train station.
    11. NTR.
    12. NCL.
    13. Walk around town, etc. Dinner [£7].
    1. Breakfast [£5].
    2. 0915 Checkout Newcastle.
    3. To rail station. One-way ticket, NCL-BHM-WOF, 4hrs, 1 change [credit card: £40].
    4. NCL.
    5. BHM (Birmingham New Street Station). Switch to train for WOF.
    6. WOF.
    7. Arrive Worcester Foregate Street Station.
    8. Walk to lodging: 6/15-6/18, 3 nights: Welland House [website] [MAP]
    9. Check-in at Welland House B&B.
    10. Walk around town:
    11. TIC:
    12. Cathedral.
    13. Look for store for supplies, and restaurants. Tesco Express next to Foregate Station, also, O’Brien’s. Pump St/High St. – street mall with shops and café’s.
    14. Dinner [£__].
    1. Breakfast at B&B.
    2. Worcester History Centre, [map] Trinity Street, Worcester WR1 2PW, (01905) 765922, wlhc@worcestershire.gov.uk, 930-530 (notify in advance): look for parish baptism records:
    3. Francis J. Miller (b. May 1828) son of George & Harriet
    4. Edward T. Miller (3/23/1831), St. Thomas, Dudley, Worcestershire (24mi north of Worcester)
    5. Worcester Cathedral [website]: daily 0730-1800, free
    6. Lunch or Dinner [£__].
    1. Breakfast at B&B.
    2. Walk to Foregate Street Station. Day-return to Oxford nonstop (1:20) [£30].
    3. WOF.
    4. OXF.
    5. Walk through town.
    6. Oxfordshire Studies Central Library (Tu, Th, Fr, SA: 9:00-5:00):
    7. Exit Oxford Rail Station, south onto Botley Rd, east on Botley-Park End-New Rd. past hill SE, then past county building, to Westgate shopping area, “County Library.”
    8. Westgate, Oxford OX1 1DJ, 01865 815-749
    9. CLAYDON, FRANKLIN, TURNER - parishes of Fringford, Hethe, Godington
    10. Lunch [£5].
    11. Return to train station for nonstop (1:20) to Worcester.
    12. OXF.
    13. WOF.
    14. Dinner [£5].
    1. Breakfast at B&B.
    2. Checkout Worcester [£90].
    3. Go to Foregate Street Station. One-way to Warwick: WOF-BSW-WRW (1.75-2hrs) [£10].
    4. WOF. [the 0906 train has only 1 change. Others have 2 or 3]
    5. WRW.
    6. Check-in to B&B: Park House Guest House 6/18 – 6/21: 3 nights [B&B info]
    7. 17 Emscote Road, Warwick, UK CV34 4PH, Tel/Fax: 01926 494359, reservations@warwickparkhouse.co.uk
    8. Nearby locations on Coten Rd: Sainsbury’s, pubs, Subway, laundromat
    9. Lunch. [£5]
    10. Warwick TIC. Postcards [£2]. GET TICKET TO WARWICK CASTLE.
    12. http://www.warwick-castle.co.uk/tickets-and-offers/ticket-prices.aspx?tabnumber=2
    13. 10a-6p daily
    14. £20.36 Warwick Castle + Dungeon (if booked online + £1.50 fee).
    15. Dinner [£5].
    16. Warwick Arms Hotel: breakfast, lunch, etc. on High St. (warwickarmshotel.com)
    1. Warwickshire County Record Office, Priory Park, Cape Rd., Warwick, CV34 4JS, 44(0) 1926 738959
    2. Archives, TU-SA 900-530; sa: 9-1230. If time, daytrip to Stratford
    3. Breakfast at Park House Guest House.
    4. Walk to Warwick County Archives:
    5. OPC
    7. Lunch [£5].
    8. Possible daytrip to Stratford-upon-Avon…
    9. Dinner [£5].
    1. Breakfast at Park House Guest House.
    2. Walk to Warwick Castle 10a-6p [£17.50].
    3. If time: Daytrip to Stratford - WRW-SAV: 15:38 nonstop 30min [£4.70]; 19:40 SAV to WRW [£4.70].
    4. Dinner [£5].
    1. Breakfast at Park House Guest House.
    2. Checkout.
    3. Walk to train station. Get one-way from Warwick to Southampton: 2:15, 1 change [£50].
    4. WRW.
    5. LMS. Change to SOU-bound train.
    6. SOU. Walk ½ mile to B&B.
    7. Check-in at Hunters Lodge, 25 Landguard Rd. 6/21 – 6/26 3 nights
    8. Return to Southampton Main Rail station, for day-return ticket to Winchester
    9. SOU.
    10. WIN.
    11. Walk to tourist information center (TIC) at guildhall near King Alfred’s statue. Postcards, etc. [£2].
    12. Winchester Cathedral, just SW of TIC.
    13. HAMPSHIRE RECORD OFFICE Mo-Fr 9-6, bring CARN ticket (near rail station).
    14. Sussex Street, Winchester, Hampshire SO23 8TH, tel 01962 846154
    15. baptism: Miller: William, Leonora, etc. [records may be in Southampton Archives]
    16. Inglefield (Dove, Humphry?)
    17. Return to train station.
    18. WIN.
    19. SOU.
    20. Get supplies, snacks/drinks [£10].
    21. Get dinner.
    22. Return to B&B.
    1. Breakfast at B&B.
    2. Walk to train station, get day-return to Chichester. [Also, Fishbourne Rail station]
    3. SOU.
    4. CCH.
    5. Walk N on South St. to Tourist Information Center. Postcards, etc. [£10]. Then further N to cathedral.
    6. Chichester Cathedral [£5].
    7. Fishbourne Roman Palace 10a-5p [£6.80]. West of Cathedral on Fishbourne Rd-Westgate-West St.
    8. Walk to train station.
    9. CCH.
    10. SOU.
    11. Return to B&B for rest.
    12. Dinner [£5].
    1. Breakfast at B&B.
    2. Walk to archives.
    3. Lunch.
    4. Walk around town, parks, docks, shoreline…
    5. Tube to hotel.
    6. Dinner [£5].
    1. Breakfast at B&B.
    2. Check out.
    3. Walk to train station. Get one-way ticket to London.
    4. SOU.
    5. WAT.
    6. Exit Waterloo Train Station, go to Waterloo Tube Station.
    7. Jubilee Line north to Bond Street Station, transfer to Central Line west to Queensway Station.
    8. Exit Queensway, walk on Bayswater to Inverness Terrace, then to Grand Royale London Hyde Park hotel.
    9. 1-9 Inverness Terrace, Hyde Park, Bayswater, London W2 3JP, England
    10. Check-in, drop off luggage in room, return to Queensway.
    11. Tube to Notting Hill. Transfer to Circle Line north to Paddington.
    12. Exit Tube station, go to Paddington Train Station. Get Day-return to Bath Spa (BTH) (90min) [£48].
    13. PAD.
    14. BTH.
    15. Walk to archives: Walcot St.
    16. View microfilm of old newspapers around 1830s-1840 for Miller references.
    17. Look for an article on death of Edwin Miller on 4/26/1859.
    18. Look for death notices on George, Harriet, Lucy, Leonora, Thomas, and Edward.
    19. Trade directories: George Miller, Attorney.
    20. Bath Archives: look for burial records on Edward and Edwin.
    21. Bath Abbey.
    22. Return to train station.
    23. BTH.
    24. PAD.
    25. Get dinner.
    26. Tube back to hotel…
  16. Fr 25-Jun: LONDON: CANTERBURY AND DOVER [last full day]
    1. Breakfast [£5].
    2. Tube to Victoria Station.
    3. Dinner [£5].
    4. Tube to hotel.
    5. Tube to Kings Cross-St Pancras: St. Pancras International Station (STP).
    6. One-way or day-return to Canterbury (CBW) nonstop (60min) [£56].
    7. STP.
    8. CBW.
    9. Canterbury Cathedral [£5.50].
    10. Roman Museum [£3].
    11. Lunch [£5].
    12. Go to CBE station, for DVP (30min) [£13]: Dover castle & cliffs. Then CBE to London.
    13. CBE.
    14. DVP.
    15. One mile up from station, Dover Castle, daily 10a-6p, [£13.90]: Great Tower, Secret Wartime Tunnel Tour.
    16. Walk to cliffs, 1/4mi beyond castle (look for signs) [£2].
    17. Return to train station: Dover to London St. Pancras: [£31.70] nonstop (70min).
    18. DVP.
    19. STP.
    20. Dinner [£5].
    21. Return to hotel.
    1. Breakfast [£5].
    2. Checkout of hotel.
    3. Walk to tube station.
    4. To Heathrow Terminal 4.
    5. Check-in, get boarding pass.
    6. Currency exchange: leftover £ to $.
    7. Security checkpoint…
    8. Go to gate. Wait…
    9. Continental flight CO5 to IAH.
    10. Arrive IAH. Long walk to baggage claim, security checkpoint.
    11. Make way to regional air terminal for flight to TUS.
    12. Arrive TUS.
    13. Go to shuttle bus stop. Tip: $2.
    14. Return to car. Pay parking fee ($70).
    15. Home.

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