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$6145.33 $361.49

The three largest expenses were Travel (32.11%), Lodging (28.60%), and Supplies (24.97%), totalling 85.68%


Air$868.00 / 44.00%$51.06
Rental Car$378.65 / 19.20%$22.27
Rail$286.27 / 14.51%$16.84
Insurance$184.00 / 9.33%$10.82
Government (Passport)$113.00 / 5.73%$6.65
Airport Parking$69.55 / 3.53%$4.09
London Underground (Tube)$40.71 / 2.06%$2.39
Rental Car - Parking$32.39 / 1.64%$1.91


$55.98Phone, Motorola L2 Silver GSM quad-band, unlockedCOMMUNICATIONS
$17.70Vending machine, T-Mobile SIMCOMMUNICATIONS
$35.40Cellphone top-up, £20COMMUNICATIONS
$29.99GTA: Chinatown Wars (DS)ENTERTAINMENT
$24.24Books: Xanth 33, Incarnations 8ENTERTAINMENT
$21.60BFI IMAX "Star Trek" (13.50 + 1.50 fee - exch 0.694444444)ENTERTAINMENT
$13.10Swindon - "Terminator Salvation"ENTERTAINMENT
$1.49IAH newsstand, bottle of waterFOOD
$20.44[credit card] Corus Hotel, Olio restaurant, breakfast (exchange rate 1.63520)FOOD
$2.66IMAX theater, concession, drinkFOOD
$8.85Sainsbury's Marble Arch, foodFOOD
$7.29Sainsbury's Marble Arch, foodFOOD
$9.65Sainsbury's Marble Arch, foodFOOD
$36.73Rose & Crown, Salisbury, dinner & tipFOOD
$35.40Wessex Royale, Dorchester, dinner & $3.54 tipFOOD
$8.85McDonald's, SalisburyFOOD
$7.31McDonald's, BathFOOD
$6.53McDonald's, Marble Arch, LondonFOOD
$7.24McDonald's, Strand, LondonFOOD
$11.31Burger King, SalisburyFOOD
$4.60Street Mall Vendor Shop, Bath, pastie & drinkFOOD
$8.57Somerfield (Dorchester)FOOD
$7.77Somerfield (Dorchester)FOOD
$13.06Somerfield (Dorchester)FOOD
$10.32Somerfield (Dorchester)FOOD
$7.97Obrien's, York: sandwich & drink (takeout)FOOD
$10.09Salt & Vinegar, York: fish & chips, drinkFOOD
$20.34Fusion Chinese buffet, Swindon, Shaw RidgeFOOD
$14.12Pizza Hut, Swindon, Shaw RidgeFOOD
$4.10[credit card] Airport newsstand, food (exch 0.61220)FOOD
$422.98[credit card] Lodging, Corus Hotel Hyde Park, 3 nights (5/29-6/1)LODGING
$108.77[credit card] Lodging, Ramada Encore York (1 night, 6/1-6/2) (exch 0.670221568)LODGING
$261.54[credit card] Lodging, Legacy Rose & Crown, 2 nights (6/2-6/4) (exch 0.673625449)LODGING
$159.30Lodging, The Pilgrims B&B (2 nights, 6/5-6/6)LODGING
$411.59[credit card] Lodging, Wessex Royale Hotel, Dorchester 4 nights (exch 0.688792245)LODGING
$262.98[credit card] Lodging, De Vere Venues, Shaw Ridge, Swindon 2 nights (exch 0.685299262)LODGING
$130.01[credit card] Lodging, The Strand Palace Hotel, London (1 night, 6/12) (exch 0.685331898)LODGING
$21.60[credit card] Membership, overseas, annual Somerset-Dorset FHS (exch 0.694444444)RESEARCH
$8.85Dorset Record Office, photo permitRESEARCH
$3.01Wiltshire-Swindon Records Office, copy feesRESEARCH
$11.04Book: Frommer’s Best Day Drips from LondonSUPPLIES
$12.21Book: Rick Steves’ London 2009SUPPLIES
$8.88Camera, case SUPPLIES
$229.99Camera, Olympus Stylus 1020SUPPLIES
$66.00Camera, spare battery (x2)SUPPLIES
$43.80Camera, two 2GB xD M+ cardsSUPPLIES
$6.97GPS, carrying caseSUPPLIES
$251.46GPS, Garmin Nuvi 275TSUPPLIES
$387.19Netbook, Lenovo Ideapad S10SUPPLIES
$23.99Netbook, memory, 2GB SODIMM Corsair VS2GSDS667D2SUPPLIES
$74.99Netbook, hard drive, 320GB 2.5” Scorpio Blue WD3200BEVTSUPPLIES
$89.92Netbook, S10 6-cell battery, 5200mAhSUPPLIES
$13.96Netbook, Laptop mouseSUPPLIES
$20.00Netbook, Neoprene SlipcaseSUPPLIES
$29.88Netbook, Laptop carrying bagSUPPLIES
$8.00Netbook, 7’ CAT5e cableSUPPLIES
$37.85Netbook, Kensington 64068F MicroSaver Cable LockSUPPLIES
$43.13Netbook, External USB floppySUPPLIES
$23.53Simran 200W Stepdown ConverterSUPPLIES
$9.97Travel power socket adapterSUPPLIES
$15.72USB cables for GBA & DSSUPPLIES
$3.00Passport walletSUPPLIES
$12.95Money beltSUPPLIES
$30.00Rain jacketSUPPLIES
$5.00Eye shade SUPPLIES
$9.68Supplies, Bliss Pharmacy Marble ArchSUPPLIES
$12.39Tower Bridge, tourTOURIST
$17.70Tower Bridge, souvenir photoTOURIST
$1.77Tower Bridge, gift shop, post cardsTOURIST
$1.73Tower of London, gift shop, 2 postcardsTOURIST
$30.09Tower of London, tourTOURIST
$2.07British Museum, 2 postcardsTOURIST
$8.78British Museum, 2 books of stampsTOURIST
$1.77York Minster gift shop, postcardsTOURIST
$17.70York Minster tour, guideTOURIST
$2.21Salisbury Visitor Center, postcardsTOURIST
$14.16Salisbury Cathedral, tourTOURIST
$30.98Stonehenge Bus Tour + Old SarumTOURIST
$6.20Old Sarum Castle guidebookTOURIST
$4.43Bath Map, postcardsTOURIST
$19.47Roman Baths tourTOURIST
$3.10Dorchester Visitor Information, postcardsTOURIST
$21.56Sherborne Old Castle, miniflashlight, bookTOURIST
$1.77Sherborne Abbey guideTOURIST
$3.19Avebury, postcardsTOURIST
$6.20Avebury guide bookTOURIST
$8.32Avebury, Keilor museum exhibitsTOURIST
$30.09London EyeTOURIST
$17.70London Eye Souvenir PhotoTOURIST
$6.12Leftover & souvenir coinsTOURIST
$13.00Passport photoTRANSPORTATION
$100.00Passport (including service fee)TRANSPORTATION
$868.00Plane ticket, ContinentalTRANSPORTATION
$184.00Travel insuranceTRANSPORTATION
$2.00Airport Parking Shuttle, tipTRANSPORTATION
-Currency conversion - $1250 for £705.63 ($1.77 per £1.00 or £0.56 per $1.00) £195.93 remaining at end, $345.07 returnedTRANSPORTATION
$40.71Oystercard, £3 fee + £20 creditTRANSPORTATION
$137.33[credit card] Return trip, KGX-YRK (exchange rate 1.63488 / 0.61167)TRANSPORTATION
$48.17[credit card] Waterloo Station, Southwest Trains, LON-SAL (exch 0.610338385)TRANSPORTATION
$22.36[credit card] Train, Salisbury-Bath Spa (exch 0.61717)TRANSPORTATION
$199.96[credit card] Hertz Car Rental, Windsor Bridge Rd. 6 daysTRANSPORTATION
$19.82Parking, Dorchester, 4-day permitTRANSPORTATION
$0.71Parking, Sherborne, SundayTRANSPORTATION
$3.01Parking, Sherborne, WeekdayTRANSPORTATION
$8.85Parking, AveburyTRANSPORTATION
$63.72Gas for rental car, £36.00, £1.039/l, 34.65 litres, 342.2 mi, 3.7854 l per gal, 37.383 MPGTRANSPORTATION
$114.97[credit card] Hertz, insurance feesTRANSPORTATION
$78.41[credit card] Train, Bath Spa - London Paddington (exch 0.612166815)TRANSPORTATION
$2.00Airport Parking Shuttle, tipTRANSPORTATION
$65.55Airport Parking, 5/28 08:19 - 6/13 18:42 = 59.50 + 4.76 fee & 1.29 taxTRANSPORTATION
$89.60Unknown Misc ExpensesMISC

Items only for the trip:

$868.00Plane ticket, Continental 
$184.00Travel insuranceI didn't have any claims, but potentially useful
$55.98Phone, Motorola L2 Silver GSM quad-band, unlockedDidn't use it much, served mostly as insurance
$12.95Money beltUseful for storing currency, but I didn't use it much
$11.04Book: Frommer’s Best Day Drips from LondonDidn't use it much, but could be helpful in trip planning
$12.21Book: Rick Steves’ London 2009Useful mostly for planning, I cut out various sections as reference in case it was needed
$9.97Travel power socket adapterEssential item, couldn't plug anything in without it
$23.53Simran 200W Stepdown ConverterEssential item, protected plugged-in gadgets from foreign electricity issues

Items that can be used beyond the trip itself:

$13.00Passport photoEssential for passport
$100.00Passport (including service fee)Essential for international travel
$3.00Passport walletUseful for storing receipts and pocket money
$387.19Netbook, Lenovo Ideapad S10Very useful, mostly for email, photo organizing & storage, research notes, and videos
$13.96Netbook, Laptop mouseSometimes useful
$89.92Netbook, S10 6-cell battery, 5200mAhVery useful.
$43.13Netbook, External USB floppyUsed only during install of operating system
$23.99Netbook, S10 2GB SODIMM Corsair VS2GSDS667D2Not essential, but helpful as computers usually run better with more memory
$74.99Netbook, S10 320GB 2.5” Scorpio Blue WD3200BEVTUseful for all the extra storage space
$37.85Netbook, Kensington 64068F MicroSaver Cable LockOnly sometimes useful
$20.00Netbook, Neoprene SlipcaseVery useful for protecting the netbook and storing papers
$8.00Netbook, 7’ CAT5e cableUsed in one hotel that didn't have Wi-Fi
$29.88Netbook, Laptop carrying bagEssential for carrying around the laptop and other misc items; served as a personal item in addition to the main carry-on so I didn't have to check any luggage
$229.99Camera, Olympus Stylus 1020Essential item
$8.88Camera, case Very useful
$66.00Camera, spare battery (x2)One spare was quite enough, as it turned out. The second spare was insurance.
$43.80Camera, two 2GB xD M+ cardsWith the netbook and other storage, the extra camera memory cards weren't required, but still helpful
$251.46GPS, Garmin Nuvi 275TEssential - couldn't go driving around without it
$6.97GPS, carrying caseVery useful for carrying the GPS when not in use and the extra little pockets were good for storing coins
$30.00Rain jacketNot used.
$2.00UmbrellaRarely used, but considering that its for England, its required
$15.72USB cables for GBA & DSVery useful, I didn't have to bring all the big and heavy AC adapters for each and every gadget
$29.99GTA: Chinatown Wars (DS)Very entertaining, but I didn't play it much during the trip
$13.98GTA (GBA micro)Very entertaining, but I didn't play it much during the trip
$5.00Eye shade Very useful on plane and when sleeping in hotel
$26.55£15.00 Membership, overseas, annual Somerset-Dorset FHSNot very useful, but this organization may be of help someday
$24.24Books: Xanth 33, Incarnations 8Didn't read much, mostly for insurance if electronic stuff weren't available

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