2009 TRIP TO ENGLAND, by Colin L. Miller

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

I was up at 7:00 AM, and I tried email. For some reason, it hadn't been working since yesterday morning. Every other website was ok except for Gmail. I tried shutting the netbook down and starting it back up. Gmail returned to normal. Two hours later I departed for Chippenham. That morning I noted to myself that it was nice to feel wide awake and alert with no pain or discomfort. The GPS guided me through highways and narrow country and town roads until I arrived at the nice, new Wiltshire Records Center down the street from the train station. They had their own parking lot, with an exit barrier that required a key code. I checked in and as usual put my stuff in a locker. The reception person pressed the unlock button to the main door and I went inside. I checked the binders of parish records, but there was nothing for Salisbury. It was all on microfiche, so I moved over to that area, and with the help of an archivist, I found the records. I got a day reservation at a microfiche reader. I then noticed that the bright daylight streaming down from the skylights was quite uncomfortable, indicating that I had a headache. Feeling good didn't last long.

Despite the growing discomfort, I continued with the microfiche search and made notes on Salisbury births, marriages, and deaths. I also checked records on Mere, where the Welch family (of George's wife, Harriet) came from. I eventually found the marriage record for William & Leonora. I then got a printout from a microfiche printer. The record noted the witnesses: Hugh Jeboult (father of William, who was a party to the agreements of Leonora for her Rimpton property), and Sarah Miller. Could Sarah be William's mother? I'll have to research that later. I then got a printout of microfiche parish marriage records for Francis Johnson & Elizabeth Thrasher, parents, I believe, of Leonora. I was unable to find a baptism record for Leonora, but I found records for others in the family, including one for a "Lorah." Although the baptism date was two to three years before the presumed birth of Leonora based on her age on the marriage license, this may still be her. The Jeboult connection is a good indication, as Elizabeth Thrasher's sister married Hugh Jeboult, and Hugh was a witness to Leonora's marriage, and Hugh's son William was a party to Leonora's agreements. One of Leonora's grandsons was named Francis Johnson Miller. Also, a daughter of Francis & Elizabeth was named Lucy, and a daughter of Leonora's was named Lucy. With the headache sapping energy from me, I decided to stop here and return to the hotel in Swindon. Later that afternoon I went to dinner at Fusion Chinese buffet restaurant. Tomorrow, I would return to London for my last full day before returning home on Saturday.

Marriage Record of William Miller & Leonora Johnson, St. Edmund's, Salisbury, 28 OCT 1783

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