2009 TRIP TO ENGLAND, by Colin L. Miller

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My visit to York complete, I checked out at 9:40 AM, dropped a postcard in the mail, and dragged my stuff back to the train station. I already had my ticket so I went on to platform 3. A few minutes later the train arrived and I boarded. This time there were fewer reserved seats and less crowds, so I took a nice window seat. The train had free Wi-Fi after login/registration, so I did email and some browsing.

An hour later I was back at Kings Cross Station. To get to Salisbury, (pronounced "Saul's Bree"), I had to go to Waterloo Train Station, so I took the Underground there: Kings Cross to Leicester Square, then to Waterloo Station. At Waterloo, I got a one-way ticket to Salisbury (29.40) at the ticket window. After checking the large monitors for the correct platform, I finally found the one I needed and boarded the train on platform 6. The train was also stopping at Sherborne, but it would be a few more days before I went there. No reserved seating on this train, so I chose a nice window seat. This train was run by a different company, South West Trains, so no Wi-Fi.

An hour and twenty minutes later, I was off at Salisbury Station. On my way out I stopped at the visitor information center for maps and postcards. Then I headed outside and made my way to the cathedral and the hotel, Legacy Rose & Crown. Like York, this was an old town with many buildings well over a hundred years old. The weather was hot, sunny and clear, and at 3 PM, the day was at its hottest and sunniest. Laden with a mini backpack, the computer bag and the rolling carry-on, it was something of an ordeal, but I eventually make it, hot & sweaty, to the hotel. It was 4-star hotel, and I think the people at the check-in desk were a bit amused by my sweaty, bluejeans & T-shirt appearance. I got a ground floor room, #27, which was full sized with large bed, bathroom, and a window that opens to the back lawn and the river with a view of the cathedral beyond. Swans and other waterfowl cruised the river or grazed on the grass. On the other side were sheep.

After a rest, I washed some clothes (I'm traveling light so I only have a few days worth) and put them on heated towel bars, then I went out for walk back into town and to the bus station where I could get on the Stonehenge Tour bus. I then headed through the market area to the cathedral. On the bridge over the gently flowing river, I watched the mayflies dance in the air, flying straight up then drifting back down and repeating. I then returned to the hotel and went to the restaurant, as most of the stores in town were closed. I got goat cheese ravioli and a glass of red wine (20.75 including 2 tip). The restaurant had an open view to the grassy shore and the river and it was very peaceful and relaxing. After dinner I processed all my digital photos to date on the netbook. With the free hotel Wi-Fi, I did email and some browsing. Tomorrow I would go to Stonehenge & Old Sarum, then tour the Salisbury Cathedral.

York Rail Station, Salisbury Cathedral, Salisbury's River Avon, Stonehenge Tour Bus at station, Cathedral

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