2009 TRIP TO ENGLAND, by Colin L. Miller

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Monday, June 1, 2009

I got up at 7:45 AM. I checked out of the hotel at 9:00 AM and took the Underground from Lancaster Gate eastbound to Oxford Circus, then transferred to Victoria Line to Kings Cross Station. The weather was sunny and clear. I exited the Underground and went into the adjacent train station to get a round-trip ticket to York (£84). The train was already at the platform, so I found an entry point and boarded a train car. Most of the seats were reserved. I eventually took a reserved but unoccupied seat. Later in the journey, I moved to the end of the car in the luggage & lavatory area, which had a window. Along the way, I noticed that most of the country's electricity was generated by nuclear plants as we passed by no less than three of them before arriving in York.

I had studied the area with Google Street View and other online maps, so I easily navigated to the hotel through the narrow and busy streets of York, passing through a gate in the Roman wall surrounding most of the inner city. After I checked in at the Ramada Encore York [map] and relieving myself of my luggage, I headed back out, as I only had a day here. I got a sandwich from O’Brien’s, a local shop next to the river a couple of blocks from the hotel. I then went back for a rest before heading back out, to the cathedral, York Minster. I put in for a tour + tower tour, £10.00. A group was heading up, so I did that first, following narrow stone steps in a tight upward spiral to a landing area, then a passage to more spiral stairs, until we finally made it to the roof viewing area. The caged area (no doubt to foil jumpers) offered views of the surrounding city and countryside. in one direction off in the distance were the nuclear power stations I saw on the train.

After going back down and touring the cathedral, I headed out and made a quick stop at the visitor Information center to pick up guide books/maps. I then started the wall walk tour at Petergate, heading clockwise past the cathedral and around toward the Clifford's Tower/Jorvik Museum area. By the time I arrived at Jorvik Viking Museum, the area had closed up for the evening. On the way back to the hotel I got dinner, fish & chips + drink from a nearby local shop, Salt & Vinegar. After a good nap, I went out to see York at night. The cathedral was lit nicely. Nearby, taxis picked up or dropped off people. Tommorrow, I would be travelling back to London on my way to Salisbury, which was close to the world-famous Stonehenge, and where a 4th-great-grandfather got married, and the family of a 4th-great-grandmother lived over 200 years ago.

York Minster, Spiral Stairs, Roman Wall, Clifford's Tower, York Minster at Night

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