2009 TRIP TO ENGLAND, by Colin L. Miller

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Up at 8:15 AM and still with a headache from yesterday, I went downstairs to the hotel restaurant. The staff was all Russian. Apparently, they take the place of Mexicans in my home area. The meal was a typical English Breakfast, with toast, fried egg, beans, cooked half-tomato, fruit, juice, and coffee, charged to my credit card, £12.50. I wasn't impressed. I then headed out through Hyde Park past Kensington Palace and over to the Natural History Museum. The weather was still sunny, warm and clear.

The museum was large, with a variety of exhibits, from ancient fossils to modern creatures. Of course, the most popular area was the dinosaurs, and the biggest attraction was the T. Rex exhibit, which included a life-sized animatronic Tyrannosaur with sound effects and steam. In the gift shop I got some postcards and international postcard stamps. I walked back to the hotel past the Prince Albert Memorial.

After a nap, I went back out. A block or two north of the hotel I found a small newsstand shop on Craven Road that did phone top-ups, so I gave them the phone ID card and a £20 note and got some minutes for the phone. I did a quick test call back home (seven time zones behind) and it worked perfectly. I headed on to the nearby Underground Lancaster Gate Station. After waving my OysterCard at the reader, I went in and down a long series of stairs, then down a tunnel and finally onto the platform. A couple of minutes later I was on the train, and then I was at Oxford Circus Station. I went to another platform and got on a train headed for Waterloo Station near where the IMAX theater was. After wandering around the Waterloo area, I found the tunnel (or subway, as the locals call it) to the theater, which was built in the center of a large traffic circle. The ticket I'd ordered online a month ago was waiting for me. After a wait in the upstairs lobby, I was at my second viewing of the new movie "Star Trek" this time on a gigantic IMAX screen. It was the same movie, but larger, so I could see more details and the sound was clearer.

I was out by 8:30 PM, but the sky had not yet gotten dark. I wandered around the Victoria Embankment area across from the London Eye. I was planning on getting some photos of the city at night. I waited on Westminster Bridge as car and foot traffic went past. Gradually it got darker and the street and building lights came on, and so I got some pics of Big Ben & Parliament and a few other sights. The city activity changed to one of a weekend night, with people going to parties and pubs. I walked into the city on a general path back to the hotel. My feet were sore from all the walking today and it was getting late, 11:00 PM. I found the nearest Underground station, Chancery Lane. At 11:10 PM I took the Central Line westbound to Lancaster Gate, and I walked the rest of the way back to the hotel where I could get some rest for the next day’s activities. Tomorrow, I would visit the British Museum, the Tower of London, and Tower Bridge.

T-Rex Exhibit, Natural History Museum, Prince Albert Memorial, IMAX Theater, Big Ben & Parliament at Night

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