This is an unknown letter from "J. H. Smith to Eugene A. Smith"

unknown cover 22 unknown letter 23

Transcript of letter:

Glens Falls, Oct. 16th, 77

Eugene A. Smith,

Dear Sir,

We are all in usual health. I am working every day Sundays excepted, but get no money and I wish you to send the money for that stove, for Mrs. Young wants it very much. I told her that you would send it so she could have it last Tuesday, but it has not come. Don't fail to send it immediately as she must have it.

See that the hog and cow are well fatted.

Affectionately your

J. H. Smith

Addressed to "Eugene A. Smith, Esq., Chestertown, Warren Co., NY" the postmark is Glens Falls, Oct 18, 1877" and the sender noted it should be delivered "In haste." The stamp is a green 3-cent Washington, Scott Catalog #XXX. The envelope is yellow paper, so the sender may have wanted it to get more attention.

In the 1860 US Census, Chester, Warren Co., NY, there is a Eugene A. Smith, age 9, born about 1851 in NY, son of John H. Smith, age 33, and Sarah A. Smith, age 30. This location's post office is Chestertown, which is in Glens Falls. In 1877, Eugene would be about 26 years old.