The JOHNSON family connects to the MILLER family with the marriage of William Miller to Leonora Johnson on October 28, 1783. The Johnson family was known to be in the parish of St. Edmund's in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England from at least the mid 1700's. Other related families are THRESHER and JEBOULT.


Although it is likely, it is not yet absolutely certain which family Leonora Johnson, wife of William Miller, came from. However the family of Francis Johnson & Elizabeth Thrasher is a very good candidate. First, a child of William & Leonora's son George was named Francis Johnson Miller. Another son of George was named Thomas (a possible brother of Leonora's). One of William & Leonora's daughters was named Lucy Harris Miller. Leonora may have had a sister named Lucy and a maternal grandmother named Lucy. (The middle name Harris may be on the Miller side of the family.)

Another connection is through the JEBOULT family of Salisbury. In the agreements of widow Leonora Miller who then married Thomas Hyde, one of the parties to the legal agreements of Leonora's inherited property was William Jeboult, probably a son of Hugh Jeboult & Mary Thrasher, sister of Elizabeth who married Francis Johnson. Also, for Leonora's marriage to William Miller, one of the witnesses was Hugh Jeboult. In the will of Thomas Thresher (Sr.) dated 8/16/1771, one of the heirs is daughter Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson (wife of Francis) and daughter Mary, wife of Hugh Jeboult.

The THRESHER family connects to the JOHNSON family with the marriage of Francis Johnson of the Park of Clarendon (3 mi SE of Salisbury) to Elizabeth Thresher of St. Edmund's parish at St. Edmund's, Salisbury on June 17, 1747, by license, by Rd. Keble [From microfiche of marriages, St. Edmund's, Salisbury].

There does not appear to be any baptism record for Leonora. However, on November 28, 1754, there's a record for a "Lorah Johnson." Leonora's marriage license indicated she was about 26 years old in 1783, so she should have been born about 1757. Although there's between two to three years between Lorah's baptism and Leonora's birthdate, it may be that Lorah was a mistranslation of the name Leonora and they are the same person.


  1. Robert JOHNSON (b. abt. 1640?) & Amy ? [IGI].
    1. Amy JOHNSON, bap. 11/26/1665 St. Edmund's [IGI].
    2. Ann JOHNSON, bap. 02/19/1666 St. Edmund's [IGI].
    3. Francis JOHNSON, bap. 10/4/1668 St. Edmunds [IGI].
      1. Francis JOHNSON b. abt. 1690; d. Jan. 1763; m. [IGI][Ancestry.com] on 6/17/1742 at St. Edmundís, Salisbury, Wiltshire, ENG to Elizabeth Thrashar [IGI] [Ancestry.com] (bap. 11/27/1721 Salisbury, dau. of Thomas & Lucy ? Thrasher).
        1. Thomas, [Ancestry.com] bap. 8/26/1743 St. Edmundís, Salisbury, Wiltshire, ENG, son of Francis & Eliz. ? Johnson.
        2. Elizabeth, [Ancestry.com][IGI] bap. 5/29/1745 St. Edmundís, Salisbury, Wiltshire, ENG, dau of Francis & Eliz. ? Johnson.
        3. Eleanor, [Ancestry.com][IGI] bap. 11/26/1746 St. Edmundís, Salisbury, Wiltshire, ENG, dau of Francis & Eliz. ? Johnson.
        4. Mary, [Ancestry.com] bap. 3/16/1747 St. Edmundís, Salisbury, Wiltshire, ENG, dau of Francis & Eliz. ? Johnson.
        5. William, [Ancestry.com] bap. 4/18/1750 St. Edmundís, Salisbury, Wiltshire, ENG, son of Francis & Elizabeth ? Johnson.
        6. Thomas, [Ancestry.com][IGI] bap. 11/1/1752 St. Edmundís, Salisbury, Wiltshire, ENG, son of Francis & Elizabeth ? Johnson.
        7. Lorah, bap. 11/28/1754, dau. of Francis & Elizabeth Johnson, chandler [microfiche of parish registers]. "Lorah" may be a mistranslation of "Leonora."
        8. Lucy, [Ancestry.com][IGI] bap. 12/16/1756 St. Edmundís, Salisbury, Wiltshire, ENG, dau. of Francis & Elizabeth ? Johnson.
        9. [Leonora?, bap. 1757?] < -- didn't find bap. for Leonora, but found one for "Lorah."
        10. Francis, [IGI] bap. 12/7/1758 St. Edmunds, Salisbury, Wiltshire, ENG, son of Francis & Elizabeth ? Johnson.
        11. Ann, [Ancestry.com] bap. 1/15/1761 St. Edmundís, Salisbury, Wiltshire, ENG, dau. of Francis & Elizabeth ? Johnson.
    4. Amy JOHNSON, bap. 03/27/1674 St. Martin's [IGI].

Transcribed Documents:

  1. 04/07/1733 Will of Thomas Thresher, Collarmaker (New Sarum)
  2. 01/03/1763 Will of Francis Johnson, Grocer, New Sarum
  3. 08/16/1771 Will of Thomas Thresher, Collarmaker, New Sarum




  1. Thomas THRASHER, d. July 1737 [collarmaker, New Sarum] & Martha ?.
    1. Thomas THRASHER (Sr.), d. between Feb. 7 & 15, 1772 [from will]; m. on 1/17/1720 at St. Edmund's New Sarum/Salisbury to Lucia "Lucy" LAMB [IGI].
      1. Elizabeth THRASHER, bap. 11/21/1721 St. Edmund's [IGI] [mentioned in father's will]; m. 6/17/1742 St. Edmund's to Francis JOHNSON.
      2. Ann THRASHER, bap. 7/25/1723 St. Edmund's [IGI].
      3. Thomas THRASHER, The Younger, bap. 12/9/1725 St. Edmund's [IGI] (joint executor of brother-in-law Francis Johnson).
        1. [Grandson of Thomas Sr.] Thomas THRESHER (father uncertain) [mentioned in will of Thomas Thrasher Sr.].
      4. Mary THRASHER, bap. 10/12/1727 St. Edmund's [IGI]; m. Hugh GEBOULT [from will of Thomas Thresher Sr.].
      5. Sarah THRASHER, bap. 3/20/1728 St. Edmund's [IGI].
      6. John THRASHER, bap. 10/15/1733 St. Edmund's [IGI] [mentioned in father's will].
      7. William THRASHER, bap. 3/25/1736 St. Edmund's [IGI].
    2. Ann THRASHER, m. 4/23/1726 at St. Edmund's to John LAMB [IGI] (Ann Lamb mentioned in father's will).


THOMAS, bap. 8/26/1743 St. Edmunds, Salisbury, Wiltshire, ENG
THOMAS, bap. 11/1/1752 St. Edmunds, Salisbury, Wiltshire, ENG
[IGI] Thomas Johnson & Mary Lodge, mar. 18 APR 1742 Dean Of, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
[IGI] Thomas Johnson & Elenor Saunders, mar. 10 JAN 1720 The Cathedral, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England


The Salisbury & Winchester Journal. 


(June?) 1786
THOMAS THRESHER, Clerk of the Market, and Collector of the Tolls, hereby gives notice 
to all Graziers and others frequenting the said Market, that the toll to be paid for 
all oxen and cows exposed for sale is one penny a head; penning of sheep as usual.



[IGI] Edward Thresher
Agins, bap. 4/6/1595 St. Edmund's
[IGI] Edward Thresher & ?
Edward, bap. 6/15/1601 St. Edmund's
[IGI] Thomas Thresher & ?
Elizabeth, bap. 12/14/1628 St. Edmund's
[IGI] Thomas Thresher & ?
Thomas, bap. 1/16/1630 St. Edmund's
[IGI] Tho. Thresher & ?
Thomas, bap. 7/10/1632 St. Edmund's
[IGI] Thomas Thresher & Elizabeth ?
Thomas, bap. 5/10/1635 St. Edmund's
[IGI] John Thracher & Bridgett ?
Abigall, bap. 3/10/1638 St. Thomas, Salisbury
[IGI] Thomas Thresher
Alice, bap. 5/27/1638 St. Edmund's
[IGI] Alice Thresher, bap. 1641, Sarum, Wiltshire
[IGI] Thomas Thresher & ?
Katharine, bap. 7/10/1642 St. Edmund's
[IGI] James Thresher & Elinor ?
Mary, bap. 2/5/1670 St. Martin's
[IGI] James Thresher & Elinor ?
Sarah, bap. 8/5/1684 St. Martin's, Salisbury
[IGI] James Thresher & Elinor ?
Hanna, bap. 10/28/1687 St. Martin's, Salisbury
[IGI] Jams Thresher & Jane ?
Sarah, bap. 5/1/1689 St. Martin's
[IGI] Thomas Threshir & Margaret ?
Margaret, bap. 9/30/1694 St. Edmund's
[IGI] Thomas Thressher & Ellinour ?
Elizabeth, bap. 7/9/1701 St. Edmund's
[IGI] Thomas Thresher & Elinour ?
Thomas, bap. 4/7/1703 St. Edmund's
[IGI] Richard Thrasher & Jeane ?
Thomas, bap. 10/20/1704 St. Martin
[IGI] Thomas Thresher & Elinor ?
Anne, bap. 4/26/1705 St. Edmund's
[IGI] James Thrasher & Judith ?
James, bap. 10/31/1712 St. Martin, Salisbury
[IGI] Tho. Thrasher [of Sarum] & Judith ? [BRIDLE of Potterne] Elizabeth, bap. 8/31/1715 St. Martin, Salisbury [Google Books]
Wiltshire parish registers
By William Phillimore Watts Phillimore, John Sadler, Edmund Robert
Nevill, Thomas H. Baker, Thomas Matthews Blagg
Published by Issued to the subscribers by Phillimore & Co., 1908

Pg. 137, Winterslow marriages [6.3 miles NE of Salisbury/New Sarum]:
Thomas Thresher, of Sarum, & Judith Bridle, of Potterne (19.2 mi nw of Salisbury) 19 Jan. 1711/2

[IGI] Thomas Thrasher & Judith ?
Thomas, bap. 6/14/1721 St. Martin
[IGI] James Thresher & Elizabeth ?
Mary, bap. 2/6/1734 St. Thomas, Salisbury
[IGI] James Thrasher & Mary ?
Jane, bap. 6/11/1740 St. Martin, Salisbury
[IGI] Stephen Thresher & Ann ?
Elizabeth, bap. 8/4/1745 St. Martin, Salisbury
[IGI] Thomas Thrasher & Ann ?
Thomas, bap. 12/26/1745 St. Edmund's
[IGI] Thomas & Ann THRASHER
JOHN, bap. 16 FEB 1748 St. Edmund's, Salisbury, Wiltshire, Eng.
[IGI] Thomas Threasher & Ann ?
William, bap. 8/12/1752 St. Edmund's
[IGI] Thomas Threasher & Ann ?
James, bap. 12/27/1756 St. Edmund's
[IGI] Henry Thresher & Eluzay
John, bap. 7/13/1757 St. Mary, Wilton by Salisbury
[IGI] Thomas Thresher & Ann ?
Ann Lucy, bap. 8/8/1759 St. Edmund's
[IGI] [IGI] Thomas Thresher & Sarah Fry, m. 8/12/1764 St. Edmund's
[IGI] Thomas Thresher & Sarah ?
Sarah, bap. 5/29/1765 St. Edmund's
[IGI] Thomas Thresher & Sarah ?
Elizabeth, bap. 12/26/1766 St. Edmund's
[IGI] Thomas Thresher & Sarah ?
Ann Lucy, bap. 1/27/1768
[IGI] John Thresher & Susannah ?
Susannah, bap. 4/7/1768 St. Edmund's
[IGI] Thomas Thresher & Sarah ?
Thomas, bap. 9/27/1769 St. Edmund's
[IGI] Thomas Thresher & Sarah ?
James, bap. 11/13/1771 St. Edmund's
  1. Thomas Thresher & Rachel ?
    1. John, bap. 3/13/1773 St. Edmunds [IGI]
    2. Rachel, bap. 4/8/1775 St. Edmund's [IGI]
    3. Jenny, bap. 10/18/1776 St. Edmund's [IGI]
    4. George, bap. 4/6/1780 St. Edmund's [IGI]

[IGI] William Thresher & Mary ?
MAry Ann Lilley, bap. 10/5/1791 St. Edmund's
[IGI] William Thresher & Mary ?
Charles Miles, bap. 10/28/1796 St. Edmund's
[IGI] William Thresher & Mary ?
Frederick Thomas Wilkins, bap. 10/24/1798
[IGI] Thomas Thrusher & Sarah ?
Caroline Elizabeth Thrusher, b. 3/3/1799 St. Thomas; bap. 10/19/1800 St. Thomas
[IGI] Thomas Thresher & Sarah ?
Ann Lucy, bap. 8/17/1801 St. Thomas, Salisbury
[IGI] Frederick Thomas Wilkins Thresher & Mary Ann ?
   Frederick William Thresher, b. 12/12/1821; bap. 1/13/1822 Scots Lane Independent, Salisbury


[IGI] [IGI] Thomas Thresher m. Sarah Fry on 3/16/1766 St. Edmund's
[IGI] Thomas Thresher, m. 1/14/1610 of Salisbury to:____________________
[IGI] Thomas Thresher, m. 8/12/1764 of Salisbury to: ___________________
[IGI] Thomas Thresher m. 11/21/1723 Salisbury to Jane Gray
[IGI] John LAMB m. 4/23/1726 at St. Edmund's to Ann THRESHER
[IGI] Elias SOUTH m. 8/25/1707 St. Edmund's to Sarah THRESHER
[IGI] Edward THRESHER m. 6/19/1592 to ?Purnell PRANGNELL
[IGI] Thomas THRESHER m. 5/18/1619 St. Edmund's to Ann WHITTOCK
[IGI] John THRESHER m. 4/9/1766 St. Edmund's to Susannah READ
[IGI] James THRESHER m. 1/1/1736 ?Dean of, Salisbury to Elisabeth TUCK
[IGI] [IGI] Thomas Thresher m. Joane Lawrance on 1/14/1609 St. Thomas, Salisbury
Thomas Thresher m. Jane Lawrence on 1/14/1609 St. Thomas, Salisbury
[IGI] Mary Ann Thresher m. James MACKLIN on 1/18/1815 St. Thomas
[IGI] ABIGALL THREASHER m. Thomas PETTIE on 6/26/1665 St. Thomas
[IGI] Elizabeth Thrasher m. William MEDLER on 11/25/1705 St. Thomas
[IGI] William Thresher m. Susannah SMITH on 10/10/1813 St. Martin
[IGI] Anthonie Thresher m. Ellinor GODDARD on 8/9/1619 St. Edmund's
[IGI] Thomas Thresher m. Joane THORNE on 1/18/1617 St. Edmund's
[IGI] John Thresher & Susannah READ, mar. 4/9/1766 St. Edmund's
[IGI] John Thresher & Honor Sherlock, mar. 6/16/1696 St. Thomas, Salisbury
[?IGI] John Thressher & Bridget REINOLDS, mar. 10/7/1638 St. Thomas, Salisbury
[IGI] John Thressher m. Bridget REINOLDS on 10/7/1638 St. Thomas

[IGI] Thomas Thresher & Ann Goulding, mar. 1/10/1745 St. Edmund's, Salisbury
[IGI] William THRESHER m. 12/26/1785 St. Edmund's to Mary WEBB
[IGI] William Thresher b. abt. 1760 of Salisbury, & Mary WEBB, mar. 12/26/1785
[IGI] William Thresher & Mary ?
   William Webb Thresher, bap. 4/29/1789 St. Edmund's
[IGI] Thomas Thresher, b. abt. 1585 Salisbury m. 1/14/1609 St. Thomas, Salisbury to Jane LAWRENCE
[IGI] Thomas Thresher & Sarah SUTTON: m. 12/24/1797 St. Thomas, Salisbury
[IGI] Frederic Thresher & Mary Ann ?
Mary Ann Thresher, b. 10/27/1823 St. Thomas, Salisbury; bap. 1/25/1824 St. Thomas


William Jeboult & Mary
   John, bap. 7/26/1732 St. Martin's, Salisbury [IGI]

Hugh Jebolt & Mary ? Hugh, bap. 5/5/1727 Salisbury [ANCESTRY.COM]
Hugh Jeboult (Jr.) & Mary ? [THRESHER, dau. of Thomas Thresher & Lucy LAMB] Hugh, bap. 3/8/1754 St. Edmund's [IGI] Lucy, bap. 8/3/1754 St. Edmund's; m. 2/11/1777 to Jeffery Norman [IGI][IGI] John, bap. 6/11/1755 St. Edmund's [IGI] Edward, bap. 12/26/1758 St. Edmund's [IGI] Thomas, bap. 5/27/1763 St. Edmund's [IGI] William, bap. 1/8/1761 St. Edmund's [IGI] Sarah, bap. 12/26/1764 [IGI] Mary Ann, bap. 8/27/1766 St. Edmund's [IGI] Mary, bap. 6/17/1756 St. Edmund's [IGI]
James Jeboult m. on 4/15/1790 at St. Edmund's to Mary Sutton [IGI] Hugh, bap. 8/28/1795 St. Edmund's [IGI] James, bap. 6/5/1791 St. Edmund's [IGI] Joseph, bap. 1/26/1800 St. Edmund's [IGI] Keiza, bap. 1/26/1800 St. Edmund's [IGI] Jemmima, bap. 3/25/1804 St. Edmund's [IGI] Caroline, bap. 3/25/1804 St. Edmund's [IGI] Ann, bap. 8/28/1795 St. Edmund's [IGI]
John Jeboult m. Maria (Whitehart) Mary Whitehard Jeboult, b. 4/2/1787; bap. 7/23/1788 St. Thomas [IGI] Susannah, bap. 2/16/1792 St. Thomas [IGI]
Elizabeth Jeboult m. on 8/3/1749 at Salisbury to Thomas ADAMS [IGI] Elizabeth Jeboult b. abt. 1781 St. Thomas; m. on 1/7/1802 at Salisbury to Thomas GRAY [IGI]