The first Claydon family to appear in the Fringford parish records was on July 23, 1721 with the baptism of John, son of John and Elizabeth Cleydon. However, in the nearby town of Twyford, Buckinghamshire, there are more Claydons going back to the late 1600's. There was a John Cleydon, son of Nicolas (and Anne Fremer, married at Twyford on 9/25/1682), born on 8/21/1696. John would be old enough to possibly be the same John who baptized his son at Fringford.

From at least the early 1700s, the Claydon family was in the county of Oxford, England, in the small farm village of Fringford a few miles north of the town of Bicester (pronounced "Biss-ter"). Over time, various family members moved out, some to the nearby villages Hethe and Godington, and further out to Solihull in Warwickshire, and others to London and nearby communities of Hendon, Bow, Isleworth, and Kentish Town. A few ventured much farther, to America. Saratoga County, New York, was the preferred destination for several Claydon immigrants, in particular Thomas with wife Mary in 1846 and James with wife Mary in 1848. Thomas would then make his way west, to Illinois and his descendants would go as far west as Oregon and Washington. Others would follow the elder Claydons, in particular Henry Claydon in 1880.

James settled down in Greenfield Center as a farmer. James & 2nd wife Charity were the center of the Claydon family in America from 1848-1876, based on over three dozen letters and documents sent to them. Most of the Claydon family history comes from these documents. There are no records of James Claydon having any children, but as the family patriarch, many of his nieces, nephews, cousins and in-laws looked to him for help and guidance. What follows here are the results of analyzing the letters and documents, and then searching British and US census records, immigrations records, and Internet family tree resources.

This history is broken down into a few sections due to its large size. First is the Descendants of Nicholas Claydon, then those of Thomas & Mary Wise Claydon, then those of Henry Claydon, and finally the letters of James Claydon.

Unidentified ferrotype (tintype) photos in two lockets. First photo is possibly a niece/nephew of James Claydon, and the second photo are (probably) their two boys. The third photo, in the 2nd locket, is also unidentified. One possibility is the wife of Thomas Claydon, Mary (WISE) of Aurora, IL.

Unknown Claydon photoUnknown Claydon photo

Unknown Claydon photo


This family outline was built from the letters of James Claydon, matching letter references to those in the US and British censuses, James Claydon's will, and other online resources. Some parts were contributed by living descendants. Click on individual name for more information.

  1. Nicholas CLAYDON (b. abt. 1721, d. 9/1795, bur. 9/6/1795 in Fringford, aged 74 yrs.) m. 10/28/1748 in Fringford, Oxfordshire to Johannah FRANKLIN (d. 5/1798, bur. 5/7/1798 in Fringford).
    1. John CLAYDON (b. abt. 1748 in Fringford, bap. 12/11/1748).
    2. Sarah CLAYDON (b. abt. 1753 in Fringford, bap. 3/4/1753).
    3. Nicholas CLAYDON (b. abt. 1755 in Fringford, bap. 1/26/1755; d. 2/2/1755, bur. Fringford).
    4. Thomas CLAYDON (b. abt. 1758 in Fringford, bap. 3/13/1758).
    5. Hannah CLAYDON (b. abt. 1760 in Fringford, bap. 1/27/1760).
    6. Richard CLAYDON (b. abt. 1762 in Fringford, bap. 5/9/1762; bur. 8/2/1769).
    7. Nicholas CLAYDON (b. abt. 1766 in Fringford, bap. 5/11/1766; bur. 7/29/1769).
    8. Edward CLAYDON (b. abt. 1768 in Fringford, bap. 8/14/1768).
    9. Laurence CLAYDON (b. abt. 1771, bap. 1/13/1771 in Fringford; died 8/1852, bur. 8/22/1852 in Fringford) m. 6/15/1795 in Fringford to Mary TURNER (b. in Godington, Oxfordshire; died 6/1851, bur. 6/29/1851). Laurence is in the 1841 British Census as an Ag. Labourer, with grandsons Henry (age 8) and James (age 6) staying with him and wife Mary. In the 1851 census, Laurence is listed as a pauper with grandson John (age 13) staying with them.
      1. William CLAYDON (b. abt. 1796, bap. 5/1/1796 in Fringford) m. Mary ?.
        1. William CLAYDON (b. 1819, bap. 11/28/1819 in Fringford).
        2. Thomas CLAYDON (b. abt. 1821 in England, bap. 11/11/1821 in Fringford), brother of Maria (Lake) and Mary Ann (Hollowell). Thomas married Mary WISE probably in Wandsworth, Middlesex Co. (metro west London) about 2nd quarter of 1845. They then emigrated to America, arriving in port of New York on 11/3/1846 from London on the Prinz Albert. They settled in the Saratoga and Albany areas before moving on to Aurora, Kane Co., IL after 1850. In the 1850 US Census, Saratoga, Saratoga Co., NY, he is listed as Thomas CLAYDON, farmer, age 38 [28], land valued at $250, born in England, with wife Mary, age 24 (b. abt. 1826 in England), and daughter, Mary Ann, age 3, born in NY. In the 1860 US Census, Aurora, Kane Co., IL, is Mary CLAYDON, age 34, daughters Mary Ann (age 13), Elizabeth (age 10, b. abt. 1850 after the 1850 Census), Sarah (age 8, b. abt. 1852), and son Friend (age 2, b. abt. 1858). Mary's husband, Thomas is not listed in the regular 1860 US Census, but rather in the 1860 Mortality Schedule as a carpenter, age 37, married, from England, who died after about 5 weeks of illness due to consumption. In a letter from Mary to James Claydon dated 1/15/1860, she writes of "Pa" as being taken recently, and of "little Willie". Willie might be a son who died young. In the letter, Mary also asked of Philip Claydon, who was in metro London, including Hendon in the 1840s, so she and Thomas knew him. Mary remarried on 11/26/1862 in Kane Co., IL to Joseph DENNEYSON (DENNY/DENNEY). In 1880, Mary was a widow, with son William Denney (age 16) living with her. He is probably not the "Little Willie" mentioned in a letter from her to James Claydon. In 1910 in La Salle, Weld Co., CO, Mary was staying with daughter Elizabeth Reeves. Mary probably died between 1910 and 1920.
          1. Mary Ann CLAYDON (b. 1/14/1847 in NY).
          2. Elizabeth CLAYDON (b. abt. 1850 in Albany, Albany Co., NY) m. 8/13/1868 in Aurora, Kane Co., IL to Samuel REEVES (b. abt. 1848 ENG) a drummer boy in Civil War, Illinois militia. [Sources for this family group are Curt Reeves (by email, 5/2008), US Census, Ancestral File, and SSDI.]
            1. Charles F. REEVES (b. 9/13/1869 in Le Mars, Plymouth Co., IA; d. 5/6/1898) m. Anna PIERSON.
            2. Adelbert Llewellynn REEVES (b. 7/27/1871 in Le Mars, Plymouth Co., IA; d. 3/30/1960 in Pomona, Los Angeles Co., CA) m. 6/5/1895 in La Salle, Weld Co., CO to Fannie Augusta GODFREY (b. 3/22/1878 in Greeley, Weld Co., CO; d. 8/23/1933 in Pomona, Los Angeles Co., CA).
              1. Edgar Allen REEVES (b. 8/5/1896 in La Salle, Weld Co., CO; d. 4/17/1987 in Los Osos, CA) m. 6/5/1922 in Greeley, Weld Co., CO to Florence BLAIR (b. 6/29/1901 in Sparta, IL).
                1. Edgar A. REEVES (b. abt. 1925).
                2. Dale Morton REEVES (b. abt. 1928).
              2. Jessie Mabel REEVES (b. 5/6/1898 in La Salle, Weld Co., CO; d. 11/11/1976).
              3. Charles Arthur REEVES (b. 6/24/1900 in La Salle, Weld Co., CO; d. 7/4/1933 in Pomona, LA County, CA; bur: Glendale, CA) m. Leonette A. ?.
                1. Barbara A. REEVES (b. abt. 1926).
                2. Joyce A. REEVES (b. abt. 1929).
              4. Samuel Earl REEVES (b. 2/20/1902 in La Salle, Weld Co., CO) m. Reuel ?.
              5. Hazel Esther REEVES (b. 6/6/1907 in La Salle Weld Co., CO; d. 10/14/1982) m. ? MEYER.
                1. child1.
                2. child2.
                3. child3.
              6. Gertrude A. REEVES (b. abt. 1911).
              7. Wayne A. REEVES (b. abt. 1918).
            3. Ida May REEVES (b. abt. 1874 in Seney, Plymouth Co., IA; d. 7/1/1952 in Milwaukie, Portland Co., OR) m. 1898 in La Salle, Weld Co., CO to Eddy Goolman PACKER.
              1. Stella Myrtle PACKER (b. 11/17/1898 in La Salle, Weld Co., CO; d. 10/5/1969) m. Walter D. SMITH.
                1. Walter B. SMITH (b. abt. 1928).
                2. child2.
                3. child3.
              2. Marion Stanley PACKER (b. 6/18/1900 in La Salle, Weld Co., CO; 5/12/1983 in Clackamas Co., OR).
              3. Floyd Lyman PACKER (b. 10/20/1902 in La Salle, Weld Co., CO; d. 11/26/1971 Corvallis, Benton Co., OR) m. Agnes ?.
                1. child1.
                2. child2.
              4. Harold Vernon PACKER (b. 6/26/1905 in Nampa, Canyon Co., ID; d. 2/5/1967) m. aft. 1930 to ?.
                1. child1.
              5. Valeda Lamoine PACKER (b. 5/5/1911 in Nampa, Canyon Co., ID; d. 3/18/1912 in Nampa, Canyon Co., ID).
              6. Pearl May PACKER (b. 9/26/1893; d. 4/11/1981 in Clackamas Co., OR).
            4. Milton REEVES (b. 5/22/1876 in Jefferson, Greene Co., IA; d. 9/17/1879 in Jefferson, Greene Co., IA).
            5. Pearl Louis REEVES (b. 8/8/1879 in Jefferson, Greene Co., IA; d. 11/18/1953 in LA, Los Angeles Co., CA; bur. 11/20/1953 in Pomona Cemetery, Pomona, CA) m. 9/12/1901 in La Salle, Weld Co., CO to Katie Augusta WELCH (b. 9/5/1881 in La Salle, Weld Co., CO; d. 2/29/1932 in Globe, Gila Co., AZ).
              1. Roland Theodore REEVES (b. 4/5/1904 in La Salle, Weld Co., CO; d. 9/1986 Calvert City, Marshall Co., KY).
              2. Lois REEVES (b. abt. 1908 in CO).
              3. Evelyn Loretta REEVES (b. 6/15/1914 in Bennett, Adams Co., CO; d. 11/14/1996 El Toro, Orange Co., CA).
            6. Lottie M. REEVES (b. 9/23/1881 in Jefferson, Greene Co., IA; d. 12/14/1953) m. Allen DOUGHTY (b. abt. 1868 in OH).
              1. Elton C. “Charles E.” DOUGHTY (b. abt. 1907 in (Severance, Weld Co.?) CO).
              2. Walter Vernon DOUGHTY (b. abt. 1909 in (Severance, Weld Co.?) CO).
            7. Roy Edgar REEVES (b. 9/2/1884 in Jefferson, Greene Co., IA; d. 6/19/1969 in LA) m. 4/15/1908 to Lucile I. WALKER (b. abt. 1887 in IA).
              1. Kenneth Everett REEVES (b. 2/10/1909 in Billings, MT) m. 10/27/1934 in Indianapolis, IN to Helen Richmond CAPEN.
              2. Ellsworth E. REEVES (b. abt. 1911 in MT).
              3. Warren E. REEVES (b. 9/20/1918 in (Alda, Hall Co.?) NE) m. Mary A. Smith.
                1. ____ Reeves
            8. Frank Leonard REEVES (b. 1/27/1887 in McCook, NE; d. 2/7/1953 in Greybull, Big Horn Co., WY; bur. 2/10/1953 in Greybull, Big Horn Co., WY) m. 2/14/1911 in Denver, Denver Co., CO to Margaret/Marguerite “Maggie” Elizabeth HARRISON (b. 11/17/1888; d. 7/17/1957 in Hillsboro, OR (near Portland and Yamhill); bur. Greybull, Big Horn Co., WY).
              1. Clifford Elton REEVES (b. abt. 7/19/1916 in Greybull, Big Horn Co., WY; 7/26/1972 in La Grande, Union Co., OR; bur: 7/29/1972 in La Grande) m. 10/3/1937 to Vivian Pearl GOULD (b. 10/5/1918 in Greybull; d. 7/26/1972).
          3. Sarah CLAYDON (b. abt. 1852 in Aurora, Kane Co., IL; d. aft. 1900 and bef. 1910) m. 8/23/1869 in Kendall Co., IL to Benjamin Franklin "B.F" MILLS. Sometime after marriage, they moved to Iowa, then to Nebraska. Before 1910 Benjamin, widower, and kids moved to Skagit County, Washington. The children settled in Washington, Oregon, and Minnesota.
            1. Joseph Franklin MILLS (b. abt. 1871).
            2. Mary Stella MILLS (b. abt. 1873).
            3. Gracie E. MILLS (b. abt. 1876).
            4. Florence L. MILLS (b. abt. 1879).
            5. Newton Lorenzo MILLS (b. 3/5/1881). In 1918, according to WW1 Draft Registration Card, he was a farm laborer working at G. Nakagawa's farm, age 37, blue eyes, dark brown hair, thin, medium height.
            6. George P. MILLS (b. abt. 1884).
            7. Francis Norman MILLS (b. 12/27/1891 in Centerville, IA; d. 11/15/1918 in Fern township, St. Louis Co., MN). From his 1917 WWI Draft Registration Card, he was living in Chisholm, MN, age 25, medium height and build, dark hair, blue eyes, a farmer in Fern township, with wife and four kids, for which he wanted an exemption; m. abt or bef. 1913 in Fidalgo, Skagit Co., WA to Minnie ? (b. abt. 1895 in WI). In 1920, Minnie is listed as widowed, with kids in Fern township, St. Louis Co., MN. Before 1923, she remarried and then divorced before 1930 to/from ? MERRILL. Before 1930, Minnie and kids had moved to Chemawa, OR.
              1. Glenn MILLS (b. 8/8/1912 in WA; d. 4/3/1998 in Skagit Co., WA).
              2. Clara MILLS (b. abt. 1915 in WA).
              3. Laura MILLS (b. abt. 1916 in MN).
              4. Edith MILLS (b. abt. 1918 in MN).
              5. Gladys MERRILL (b. abt. 1923 in MN).
          4. Friend Thomas CLAYDON (b. abt. 1858 in Aurora, IL; d. 4/5/1939 in Yamhill, OR) m. Hannah OSBORNE (b. abt. 1860 in England). As a teenage boy, Friend apparently was too difficult for his widowed mother to handle (letter of 10/26/1874). He was sent to live with Uncle James Claydon in Greenfield, NY. Six years later, Friend was married with a 1-year old daughter, and serving as a laborer in Blair, Washington Co., NE. Twenty years later, he was in nearby Herman, NE. In 1910, the family was in central Oklahoma. In 1920, he was living in Yamhill, OR. Other parts of his immediate family lived in the Washington-Oregon area, including his sister Sarah's family and some of his aunt Elizabeth Reeves' family.
            1. Eva CLAYDON, b. abt. 1879 in IA (age 1 in 1880 census for Blair, Washington Co., NE).
            2. Herbert CLAYDON, b. abt. 1883 in NE (age 37 in 1920 census for Precinct 27, Yamhill, OR).
            3. (Cora) May CLAYDON, b. abt. 1885 in NE (age 15 in 1900 census for Herman, Washington Co., NE).
            4. Hazel CLAYDON, b. abt. 1896 (age 4 in 1900 census for Herman, Washington Co., NE).
        3. Maria CLAYDON (b. about 1821 in Fringford, Oxfordshire, ENG, bap. 12/14/1823 in Fringford) m. 6/27/1843 in Hethe to James LAKE (b. about 1821 in Hethe, Oxfordshire, ENG).
          1. Urias LAKE (b. 1844, died in 1872 at age 29 from consumption). m. ?.
            1. Uriah LAKE, b. about 1877 in Hethe, Oxfordshire, ENG).
            2. Maria LAKE, b. about 1879 in Hethe, Oxfordshire, ENG).
          2. William T. LAKE (b. abt. 1846).
          3. Sarah Ann LAKE (b. abt. 1847 in Hethe, Oxfordshire, ENG).
          4. Mary Elizabeth LAKE (b. 8/20/1849).
          5. Emily "Amelia" LAKE (b. abt. 1853).
          6. Maria LAKE (b. abt. 1856).
        4. Stephen CLAYDON (b. 1828, bap. 6/15/1828 in Fringford).
        5. Mary Ann CLAYDON (b. abt. 1833 in ENG; bap. 10/6/1833 in Fringford) m. George HOLLOWELL (b. abt. 1833 in ENG). Emigrated to New York, settled in Brooklyn. Mary Ann was one of the residuary heirs of the James Claydon estate in 1876 (see letter). See Claydon Documents and letter from sister Maria LAKE.
          1. Charlotte HOLLOWELL, b. 1861 in NY.
          2. William HOLLOWELL, b. 1862 in NY.
          3. Sarah HOLLOWELL, b. 1865 in NY.
          4. Walter HOLLOWELL, b. 1874 in NY, m. Caroline “Lena” ?.
            1. Henry W. HOLLOWELL (b. 1896) & Grace S. ?.
              1. Henry HOLLOWELL, b. 1921.
              2. Walter HOLLOWELL, b. 1925.
            2. Walter E. HOLLOWELL & Emma M. VENCLEF.
              1. Walter A/E. HOLLOWELL, b. 1927.
              2. Robert D. HOLLOWELL, b. 1929.
            3. William T. HOLLOWELL, b. 1901.
            4. Edward C. HOLLOWELL, b. 1905 (n.m. in 1930).
            5. Harold HOLLOWELL, b. 1908 (n.m. in 1930).
      2. Hannah Claydon (b. abt. 1797, bap. 12/17/1797 in Fringford) m. on 12/9/1823 to Thomas DAGLEY in Fringford.
        1. John DAGLEY (b. abt. 1825) [1841]
        2. Jane DAGLEY (b. abt. 1827) [1841]
        3. James DAGLEY (b. abt. 1829) [1841]
        4. William DAGLEY (b. abt. 1831) [1841]
        5. Mary DAGLEY (b. abt. 1833) [1841]
        6. David DAGLEY (b. abt. 1839) [1841]
      3. Sarah Claydon (b. abt. 1799, bap. 7/16/1799 in Fringford).
        1. Philip CLAYDON (b. about 1822 in Fringford, Oxfordshire, ENG), a coachman servant, living in Kidbrooke, Kent, ENG in 1881 with wife Emily BARNES (b. about 1823 in Hendon, Middlesex, ENG). In 1851 Census is listed a visitor, Selina GIBBARD (b. 1836 in Newton Purcell, Oxfordshire) who is the daughter of Thomas & Mary Ann (Claydon) GIBBARD.
          1. George CLAYDON (b. abt. 1847 in Hendon, Middlesex Co., ENG) m. Selina ? (b. abt. 1854). In 1865 he is a soldier away from home.
            1. Frederick CLAYDON (b. abt. 1877)
            2. Emily CLAYDON (b. abt. 1885).
          2. James CLAYDON (b. abt. 1850 in Hendon, Middlesex Co., ENG) m. abt. 1865 to farmer's daughter.
          3. Frederick CLAYDON (b. abt. 1855 in Hendon, Middlesex Co., ENG). Apprenticed to a smith in 1864.
          4. (George, James or Frederick): 1 son:
            1. Jesse CLAYDON (b. about 1871 in Oak Village, Middlesex, ENG).
      4. Mary Ann Claydon (b. abt. 1801, bap. 5/17/1801 in Fringford) m. on 10/11/1833 in Fringford to Thomas GIBBEARD (GIBBARD) [Mentioned in will of James Claydon].
      5. Thomas CLAYDON (b. abt. 1803, bap. 1/9/1803; bur. 11/27/1807 in Fringford).
      6. Ann CLAYDON (b. abt. 1804, bap. 12/9/1804 in Fringford).
      7. John CLAYDON (b. abt. 1805) & Elizabeth ?.
        1. Hannah CLAYDON (b. abt. 1840). Lives in Woodstock area, 4 living children.
          1. Child 1
          2. Child 2
          3. Child 3
          4. Child 4
        2. Sophia CLAYDON (b. abt. 1842). Not married, no children.
        3. Richard CLAYDON (b. abt. 1844 in Fringford, Oxfordshire) m. Annie ? (b. abt. 1847 in Twyford, Buckinghamshire).
          1. Henry CLAYDON (b. abt. 1865 in Fringford).
          2. John CLAYDON (b. abt. 1868 in Fringford).
          3. James CLAYDON (b. abt. 1870 in Fringford).
          4. Ada A. CLAYDON (b. abt. 1873).
          5. Agnes A. "Amelia" CLAYDON (b. abt. 1888).
          6. Albert CLAYDON (b. abt. 1890).
          7. Amos CLAYDON (b. abt. 1883).
          8. Arthur CLAYDON (b. abt. 1877).
          9. George CLAYDON (b. abt. 1875).
          10. Walter CLAYDON (b. abt. 1886 in Fringford, Oxfordshire).
          11. Amy CLAYDON (b. abt. 1893).
        4. Sarah CLAYDON (b. abt. 1847). Lived in Bennington, Hertsfordshire. Said James left England (in 1848) before she was born.
      8. James CLAYDON (born 1806 in Fringford, bap. 10/5/1806 in Fringford, died 3/30/1876 in Greenfield Center, Saratoga Co., NY) married 1st on 10/11/1831 in Fringford to Mary LEECH (b. 1809 in ENG, d. 12/11/1852 in Greenfield Center, Saratoga Co., NY, bur. St. John's Cemetery, Greenfield, NY). James (age 41) came to New York from London starting on 7/14/1848 accompanied by wife Mary (age 37) and unknown relation Herbert Cotten (age 34), wife Charlotte (age 32) and daughter Mary Ann (age 2). Arrival in Port of New York was on 8/31/1848. James and Mary Claydon settled on a farm in Greenfield township, Saratoga Co., NY. James then married 2nd to Charity V. ROWLAND (b. 1809, d. 3/16/1876 in Greenfield).
      9. Elizabeth CLAYDON (b. abt. 1808, bap. 9/4/1808, presumably died soon after birth as there is a second Elizabeth born in 1810).
      10. Elizabeth Claydon, b. abt. 1810, bap. 6/24/1810 in Fringford; d. 2/1866 aged 56; m. George FOSKETTE.
      11. Thomas CLAYDON (b. abt. 1813 in Fringford). Married 1st to Elizabeth ? who died probably before 1841, therefore she is the mother of the first three children: Henry, James, and John. Thomas married 2nd to Margaret LYNES who then died around 2nd quarter of 1870 in Solihull. Margaret then must be the mother of the other children. Married 3rd around 1873 to widow Ann NASON. He died about 2nd quarter of 1876 in Solihull.
        1. Henry CLAYDON (b. 9/14/1830 in Fringford, Oxfordshire, d. 7/2/1910 in Greenfield, NY) m. 9/26/1850 at St. Bartholomew's Church, Birmingham, to Anna MANKS (b. 9/12/1823 in Tanworth, Warwickshire, d. 5/5/1925 in Greenfield, NY). She was the daughter of John Manks (a tailor in Solihull, England), and Zipporah Proctor.
          1. Mary Ann Claydon (b. 8/11/1851, d. 1910).
          2. William Claydon (b. 11/10/1855, d. 1/22/1935) m. Maria GRIBBLE (d. 1/28/1935).
            1. J. Howard Claydon
            2. Albert E. Claydon (step-son)
            3. Clarence G. Claydon
            4. Charles Henry Claydon m. Frances Ingalls (sister of George) [source: will dated 5/7/1956 Saratoga Springs].
            5. William Eddy Claydon
            6. E. Roy Claydon m. Nicoline Anna ? [source: will of E. Roy Claydon, Half Moon, NY]
          3. Walter Claydon (b. 10/6/1853, d. 5/30/1925).
          4. Eliza Claydon (b. 11/24/1857, d. 6/13/1940) m. John Cookman OSBORNE (1865-1948).
            1. Edna May OSBORNE.
            2. Willard Elias OSBORNE.
            3. Clarence Henry OSBORNE.
            4. John Francis OSBORNE.
          5. Clara Claydon (1/11/1859, d. 1/26/1943) m. ? COLE on 11/18/1880.
          6. Charles Claydon (b. 4/7/1862, d. 1932) m. Sarah COLLINS (abt. 1872 - 1950s). Charles lived in Rensselaer, NY.
            1. Henry B. CLAYDON (8/1/1892 - 2/1973) m. Bessie STEWART (1896/7 - ?)
            2. William CLAYDON (1894/5 - 1950s?) nm.
            3. Alfred Charles CLAYDON (8/27/1896 - 5/10/1975) m. Mabel RENO (3/28/1903 - 11/24/1979). Alfred was the only one of Charles' children to have children of his own. Alfred had his family in Menands, Albany Co., NY.
              1. Edward L. CLAYDON (3/10/1918 - 1/25/1991) m. Eleanor KETCHAM (6/10/1919 - 12/28/1991).
                1. ____ CLAYDON.
                  1. __*__ CLAYDON.
                2. ____ CLAYDON.
                  1. ____ CLAYDON.
                  2. ____ CLAYDON.
              2. Ruth Olive CLAYDON (? - 6/26/1992) m. Howard FOSTER (deceased before Ruth).
                1. ____ FOSTER.
              3. Willard James CLAYDON (1925 - 2/12/1995) m. Helen LYONS (12/22/1928 - 12/22/1998) - no children, generally dropped first name Willard and went by Jim.
              4. Dorothy CLAYDON (1926 - 1983) m. James? JONES (deceased) - several children, names unknown.
            4. Mabel S. CLAYDON (1898/9 - ?).
            5. Minnie CLAYDON (1900/1 - ?).
            6. John (Jack) A. CLAYDON (24 Dec. 1902 - Sep. 1977) m. Pearl J. CHAMPINE (1907 - 1992).
          7. Herbert Claydon
            (b. 6/22/1864, d. 1956 aged 92y) m. Nellie BENTLEY (b. 11/8/1875, d. 4/7/1963 aged 88y, bur. St. John's Cemetery, Greenfield, NY) (sister of Wm. S. Bentley).
            1. Chauncey R. CLAYDON (b. 1898, d. 1953 aged 55y, bur. St. John's Cemetery, Greenfield, NY).
            2. Marie CLAYDON.
            3. Dorothy CLAYDON.
            4. Herman CLAYDON (b. 3/27/1901, d. 10/6/1990) m. 6/29/1927 to Dorothy BLODGETT (b. 10/21/1905, d. 3/5/1991).
              1. Polly CLAYDON.
              2. David CLAYDON.
              3. Patricia CLAYDON.
              4. Jean CLAYDON.
          8. Nora Frances Claydon (b. 8/20/1866, d. 4/15/1923) m. William Seneca BENTLEY (b. 8/11/1862, d. 5/7/1940).
            1. Charles H. BENTLEY m. Alice Marguerite PERKINS.
              1. Lorena Alice BENTLEY m1: MCKINNEY m2: Virgil RAY, m3: Robert Nevin HINTON.
              2. Earl Vincent BENTLEY m. Dorothy SHAW.
              3. Rhoda Marguerite BENTLEY m. Thayer Lucene LANGWORTHY.
                1. ____ LANGWORTHY & ___ MILLER.
                  1. _*_ MILLER
                2. Judith Ann LANGWORTHY.
                3. Heather Ayres LANGWORTHY.
                  1. ____ CHADWICK.
                  2. ____ CHADWICK.
              4. John Fay BENTLEY.
          9. Rose Claydon.
          10. Percival Claydon.
          11. Burlton Claydon.
        2. James CLAYDON (b. 1835).
        3. John CLAYDON (b. about 1838 in Fringford, Oxfordshire, ENG) [1841 with Aunt Hannah DAGLEY in Godington; 1851 at age 13, with grandparents Laurence & Mary Claydon in Fringford; 1861 boarder with Robert & Sarah Smith in Fringford; 1871-1901 in Fringford with wife Sarah Gee Smith] m. Sarah GEE (b. about 1830 in Fringford, Oxfordshire, ENG, widow of Robert Smith). Lives in Fringford as of 1873. In the 1851 British Census, a John CLAYDON (age 13, b. about 1838) is noted as staying at grandparents Laurence & Mary CLAYDON's house in Fringford.
        4. Phillip CLAYDON (b. 1844).
        5. Hannah CLAYDON (b. 1847).
        6. Sarah CLAYDON (b. 1849).
        7. Ellen CLAYDON (b. about 1852 in Fringford, Oxfordshire, ENG), m. William J. COX, a police constable stationed in Isleworth, Middlesex Co., ENG. She had been in Isleworth for 4 years (1870-1874). She visits family in Fringford on annual visit in July. Youngest daughter of Thomas Claydon.
          1. Ellen Louisa J. COX (b. about 1871 in Isleworth, Middlesex, ENG. In BMD-birth for 3Q 1871, Brentford, Middlesex, Vol. 3a pg. 44) m. ? BENNETT.
            1. Margaret BENNETT.
        8. William CLAYDON (b. 1854).
        9. Thomas Lynes CLAYDON (b. 1857).

CLAYDONs in the FamilySearch.org IGI:

Laurence CLAYDEN m. Mary TURNER, 1795 Godington [IGI]

Laurence CLAYDON & Mary ? [Turner]
   Maria, bap. 9/4/1814 Fringford; d. 11/7/1815 [IGI] < ----- 12th known child of Laurence & Mary 

Possible parents of Mary:

Thomas TURNER & Ann ?
   Mary, bap. 6/16/1771 Godington [IGI]

William CLAYDON & Mary ? Maria, bap. 12/14/1823 Fringford [IGI] William CLAYDON & Mary ? Mary Anne, bap. 10/6/1833 Fringford [IGI] William CLAYDON & Mary ? William, bap. 11/28/1819 Fringford [IGI] William CLAYDON & Mary ? Stephen, bap. 6/15/1828 Fringford [IGI] Sarah CLAYDON m. William COWLEY, 2/26/1838 Fringford [IGI] [dau. of William & Mary CLAYDON]
Thomas CLAYDON & Elizabeth ? Henry CLAYDON, bap. 9/23/1832 Fringford [IGI] Thomas CLAYDON & Elizabeth ? James, bap. 5/10/1835 Fringford [IGI] Thomas CLAYDON & Elizabeth ? Elizabeth, bap. 4/12/1840 Fringford; d. 9/23/1840 [IGI] Thomas CLAYDON & Margaret ? [LYNES] Thomas, bap. 7/19/1842 Fringford; d. 7/24/1842 [IGI] Thomas CLAYDON & Margaret ? [LYNES] Sarah, bap. 2/11/1849 Fringford [IGI] Thomas CLAYDON & Margaret ? [LYNES] Hannah, bap. 7/16/1846 Fringford [IGI] Thomas CLAYDON & Margaret ? [LYNES] Philip, bap. 10/8/1846 Fringford [IGI]
Sarah CLAYDON (b. 1799 Fringford) m. abt. 1820 to Duncan BOYD [IGI] [Indications are that Sarah's son Philip was baseborn (he had the surname Claydon throughout his life)] Duncan BOYD & Sarah CLAYTON Philip CLAYTON or BOYD bap. 7/22/1821 Fringford [IGI]
John CLAYDON & Elizabeth ? Sarah, bap. 8/9/1846 Fringford [IGI] John CLAYDON & Elizabeth ? Hannah, bap. 2/9/1840 Fringford [IGI] John CLAYDON & Elizabeth ? Richard, bap. 1/14/1844 Fringford [IGI] John CLAYDON & Elizabeth ? Sophia, bap. 3/27/1842 Fringford [IGI]
Mary Anne CLAYDON m. Tho. GIBBEARD, 1833 Fringford [IGI] Hannah CLAYDON m. Tho. DAGLEY, 1823 Fringford [IGI] Jas. CLAYDON m. Mary LEECH, 1831 Fringford [IGI]
John CLAYDON m. Jane BRERETON 1741 Godington, Oxfordshire, ENG [IGI] John CLAYDON m. Jane BREWERTON (b. 3/27/1718 Godington, dau. of John & Alice [IGI]) 8/16/1741 Godington [IGI] *possible brother of Nicholas
John CLAYDON John, bap. 7/18/1742 Godington, Oxfordshire, ENG. [IGI] John CLEYDON m. Sarah CHAMBERLAIN 1732 Fringford, Oxfordshire, ENG [IGI] John CLAYDON m. Grace EAST 11/20/1779 Hethe, Oxfordshire, ENG [IGI] John CLAYTON m. ? 3/2/1818 ?, Oxford, ENG [IGI] Thos. CLAYDEN Wm. CLAYDEN, bap. 9/29/1759 Bicester [IGI] Thos. CLAYDEN Mary, bap. 9/29/1759 Bicester [IGI]
Lawrence CLAYDON & Martha ? Mary, bap. 6/5/1853 Fringford [IGI] Gilbert CLAYDON & Alice ? Thomas, bap. 6/14/1797 Bicester [IGI] Tho. CLAYDON m. Eliz. HORWOOD, 1788 Newton Purcell, Oxfordshire [IGI] Laurence CLAYDON m. Hannah AUSTIN, 1792 Ambrosden, Oxfordshire [IGI] Eliz. CLAYDON m. Henry BENNETT, 1747 Newton Purcell [IGI] Eliz. CLAYDON m. Michael CRUTCH, 1789 Newton Purcell [IGI] Tho. CLAYDON m. Martha NEVILL, 1739 Bicester [IGI] Martha CLAYDON m. William SMITH, 7/25/1849 Fringford [IGI] Martha CLAYDON m. John SEAR, 1762 Godington [IGI] Mary CLAYDON m. John GANDY, 1816 Bicester [IGI] Mary CLEYDON m. Tho. FATHERS, 1816 Hethe [IGI]