From the late 1700s, the McKinney family appears to have originated in the area of Portland, Maine, from a James McKinney. James eventually made his way to Clinton County, New York. He married Amarilla Roberts and they had ten children. One son, James Jr., was born about 1825 in the Plattsburg/Ellenburg area of Clinton County. James the elder died in 1860 with his will proved on 9/18/1860, in Ellenburg, Clinton Co., NY. [Source: www.familysearch.org - Ancestral File for James McKinney, AFN: 3C9J-61].

In the 1860 US Census for Plattsburg, Clinton Co., NY, enumerated on 7/16/1860, James is recorded as being a Teamster, age 35, owning real estate valued at $600 and a personal estate of $500, and born in NY. His wife was Martha, age 33; with son Frank, age 7, attending school; and daughter Amelia, age 4, attending school.

Ten years later, in the 1870 US Census for Plattsburg, Clinton Co., NY, enumerated on 7/21/1870, James McKinney, age 42, is a Farm Laborer with a property value of $500; his wife is Orpha, age 37, Keeping House; with daughter Amelia, age 14, attending school; son Charles, age 6, attending school; son John, age 1, and eldest son Frank, age 17. Note that the wife, Orpha, is different than the wife in the 1860 census, Martha. Although the names are similar, the ages are quite different, so it seems that Martha probably died sometime between 1860 and 1870.

In the 1880 US Census for Schuyler Falls, Clinton Co., NY, enumerated on 6/16/1880, James McKinney, age 53, born in NY with father born in Maine (which matches other sources) and mother born in NY; with wife Orpha, age 48, Keeping House; son Charles, age 16, at home; son John, age 11 at home; daughter Jennie, age 8, at school. Frank, now at about age 27 is not here. Frank McKinney is in the 1880 Census for Sarnac, Clinton Co., NY. He is listed as age 28, a Teamster; wife is Harriet, age 26, Keeping House; daughter Nettie, age 6; and daughter Bernice, age 4.

The 1890 census was destroyed by fire and water damage in the basement of the National Archives in Washington DC, so information from this time was lost.

In the 1900 US Census for Dannemora, Clinton Co., NY, enumerated on 6/2/1900, is Frank, age 48, married 26 years, born Nov. 1851, working as an Engine Fireman (possibly on a train at an iron mine), renting his house; wife Harriet, age 45, born Aug. 1854 in NY, married 26 years with 12 children and 8 still living; son James, age 17, born June 1882 in NY, single, working as an Engine Fireman; son George W[ilmur], age 15, born June 1884 in NY, single, working as an Engine Brakeman; daughter Olla A., age 13, born July 1886 in NY, at school; son Earnest A., age 10, born July 1889 in Vermont, at school; and Fred S., age 5, born July 1894 in Vermont. It would appear that Frank and family moved to Vermont in the late 1880s until at least the mid 1890s, where his last two children were born. Vermont is just beyond the eastern edge of Clinton County, so they may not have moved very far. There are five children listed here, while the census says there are eight living, so three may be older and moved out, or some of the kids were not present in the family home at the time of the census.

In the 1910 US Census for Kingsbury, Washington Co., NY, enumerated on 4/26/1910, Frank's son George W. is listed as age 25, married for 6 years, a Street Car Conductor, currently employed, owns home, mortgaged, free (paid off); wife Beatrice, age 27, married 6 years with 3 children, 3 still living, born in NY, father born in MA, mother born in NY; son Raymond, age 5; son Gerald, age 3; and son Clarance, age 1y3m.

In the 1920 US Census for Glens Falls, Ward 3, Warren Co., NY, on #3 Chester St., enumerated on 1/2/1920, is [George] Wilmur McKinney, age 35, married, renting his house, working as self-employed Auto Truck Driver; wife Florence R., age 25; son Clarence, age 10; son Charles, age 2; and son Daniel, age 1 month. Also living in the nearby home of George & Ida Reynolds, at 3 1/2 Chester Street, is Alvin McKinney, a boarder, age 9, at school. George's 2nd wife, Florence has an initial R, which probably is for Reynolds, which would explain why Alvin is living in their home. One could guess that George's place was small, and his next door neighbor, the in-laws, had some extra room--maybe. Since George is remarried, first wife Beatrice either died or divorced sometime between 1910 and 1920.


Here is the McKinney family outline based on the information listed above:

  1. James MCKINNEY, b. about 1789 possibly in Portland, ME, d. 1860 in Clinton Co., NY; m. Amarilla ROBERTS, b. about 1791 in Maine, d. after 1860 in Clinton Co., NY.
    1. James MCKINNEY, b. abt. 1825 in Plattsburg/Ellenburg, Clinton Co., NY; m1: Martha ?, b. abt. 1855; m2: Orpha _____, b. abt. 1833.
      1. Frank MCKINNEY, b. abt. 1853 in NY; m. Harriet ?, b. abt. 1854.
        1. Nettie MCKINNEY, b. abt. 1874.
        2. Bernice MCKINNEY, b. abt. 1876.
        3. James MCKINNEY, b. abt. 1882.
        4. George W[ilmur] MCKINNEY, b. abt. 1885, m1: Beatrice BAKER, b. abt. 1883; m2: Florence REYNOLDS, b. abt. 1895.
          1. Raymond MCKINNEY, b. abt. 1905.
          2. Gerald MCKINNEY, b. abt. 1907.
          3. Clarance MCKINNEY, b. abt. 1908.
          4. Alvin MCKINNEY, b. abt. 1911.
          5. Charles MCKINNEY, b. abt. 1918.
          6. Daniel MCKINNEY, b. abt. 1919.
        5. Olla A. MCKINNEY, b. abt. 1887.
        6. Earnest A. MCKINNEY, b. abt. 1890.
        7. Fred MCKINNEY, b. abt. 1895.
      2. Amelia MCKINNEY, b. abt. 1856 in NY.
      3. Charles MCKINNEY, b. abt. 1864 in NY.
      4. John MCKINNEY, b. abt. 1869 in NY.
      5. Jennie MCKINNEY, b. abt. 1872 in NY.