The Bentley family of Upstate New York, in the general area of Saratoga County, was thought to have started with four Bentley brothers from England. Three went west followed by the fourth, who then returned to New York. By study of family documents and photos, and an examination of public records, mostly the US Census, a clearer picture of the family history emerges. What is certain is that one Bentley, John Henry, was in the Civil War, and he did in fact settle in Michigan for a few years before returning to Greenfield, NY. However, it does not appear that his origins are in England.

  1. William BENTLEY (b. abt. 1817 in NY, a cooper) & Lousia ? (b. abt. 1820 in NY).
    1. Sarah BENTLEY (b. abt. 1853 in NY).
    2. Katherine BENTLEY (b. abt. 1855 in NY).
    3. Rachel A. BENTLEY (b. abt. 1859 in NY).
    4. John Henry BENTLEY (b. 4/5/1842 in NY, a cooper) & M1: Sarah WING (b. 184X; d. 186x), M2: [IGI] Nancy E. Sperbeck (b. 8/30/1843 in NY, d. 12/26/1912).
      1. William Seneca BENTLEY (b. abt. 1863 in NY, a cooper) & Nora Frances CLAYDON (b. 8/20/1866, d. 4/15/1923).
        1. Charles Herbert BENTLEY (b. 6/2/1886 in Greenfield, NY, a Garage Electrician in 1910, d. 3/30/1982) & Alice Marguerite PERKINS (b. 2/17/1886, d. 1/21/1961). 4 children:
          1. Lorena Alice BENTLEY (b. 4/17/1911, d. 2/11/1995) m1 Gerald E. McKINNEY. 9 children. M2: Virgil RAY. M3: Robert Nevin HINTON.
          2. Earl Vincent BENTLEY m. Dorothy SHAW. 2 children:
            1. Ronald Earl BENTLEY (b. 12/11/1948, d. 1995).
            2. Carl R. BENTLEY m1: m2:
          3. Rhoda Marguerite BENTLEY (b. 8/5/1915, d. 4/12/1997) & Thayer Lucene LANGWORTHY (b. 2/25/1913, d. 12/24/1991).
            1. Lora L. LANGWORTHY & Peter S. MILLER.
              1. Colin L. MILLER.
            2. Judith Ann LANGWORTHY (b. 3/6/1943, d. 3/6/1943).
            3. Heather Ayres LANGWORTHY () m1 G. Brian CHADWICK.
              1. Jennifer R. CHADWICK.
              2. Joshua T. CHADWICK.
          4. John Fay BENTLEY.
            1. Charles Francis BENTLEY (b. 3/1/1949, d. 4/28/1956).
            2. John F. BENTLEY.
              1. John F. BENTLEY.
              2. Jerry P. BENTLEY.
              3. Joy M. BENTLEY.
              4. Courtney F. BENTLEY.
            3. Earl P. BENTLEY.
            4. Robert L. BENTLEY.
              1. Robert BENTLEY.
              2. Alex BENTLEY.
            5. Kimberly BENTLEY.
              1. James C. DUGAN.
              2. Brandi N. DUGAN.
        2. Albert H. BENTLEY (b. 1888 in NY) m. Anna Steiglitz.
          1. Robert BENTLEY.
          2. Ralph BENTLEY.
            1. Albert BENTLEY.
      2. George A. BENTLEY (b. abt. 1870 in NY).
      3. Nellie L. BENTLEY (b. abt. 1875 in NY).
      4. Lena H. BENTLEY (b. 1878 in NY); m1: ? Roice; m2: Smith Tubbs.
        1. Effie B. Benton (step-dau), b. abt. 1903 NY.
        2. Henry Roice, b. 7/6/1906; d. 4/15/1992 [SSDI: 069-05-5394, Fulton Co., NY].
      5. Ruth BENTLEY, b. 4/1882; 1940: in Williamsburg, VA, apparently in an institution.

Taybor Bentley is supposed to be connected to the family, but is currently unknown how.

  1. Taybor Bentley m. Ann Stoddard.
    1. William H. Bentley.

Henry Bentley is supposed to be the brother of John Henry Bentley.

  1. (William?) Henry Bentley (b. 1822) & Eliza P. ?.

Based on the notes, the Bentley family looks like this:

  1. John Bentley m1: ? Scott died when John was in War of 1812; m2: ?.
    1. John Henry Bentley, b. 8/30/1843, a cooper.
    2. Henry Bentley, b. 1822, a cooper [Census: ____, ____, 1870, 1880]; m. Eliza ?. <-----birthdate difference of Henry is large
    3. Tabor Bentley, b. abt. 1832, d. 1881 aged 49 [Census: 1850, 1860/1860, ____, 1880]; m. Ann Stoddard (1831-1908).
      1. William H. Bentley, b. abt. 1859, d. 1888 aged 29.

Note: this would invalidate the William & Louisa Bentley family, as they would be too young for Henry & Tabor.

Bentley note1


William H. died Jan 3, 1888 in 29th year. T.B. died 12, 1881 AE 49 yrs.
Stoddard, Ann - his wife 1831-1908.
Sperbeck, Nancy E. wife. John H, born 8-30-1843 - died Dec 26, 1912
David B. their son born 7-3-1873 died 11-9-1873
Satie, daughter died 4-7-1869 age 11 months 23 days
George A. born 5-30-1870 died Oct 5, 1905
John H. - Civil War Co. B 16th NY HA

Ames, Frances E. Wife of Andrew J. Perkins
(1st wife of my grandfather Andrew)
died Oct 4, 1880 age 22 yrs 7 mo 25 days.


William H. is the son of Tabor & Ann (Stoddard) Bentley.

Regarding T.B. Bentley: he is Taybor Bentley, with wife Ann M. Stoddard. Their son was William H. Bentley, born about 1859. Source Citation: Year: 1860; Census Place: Saratoga Springs, Saratoga, New York; Roll: M653_856; Page: 0; Image: 389.

Ann Stoddard:

Saratoga Springs, Saratoga, NY (home of brother William Stoddard):
Source Citation: Year: 1860; Census Place: Saratoga Springs, Saratoga, New York; Roll: M653_856; Page: 0; Image: 389.

Northampton, Fulton Co., NY (Home of Taybor Bentley):
Source Citation: Year: 1860; Census Place: Northampton, Fulton, New York; Roll: M653_755; Page: 525; Image: 528.

1870: Not found

1880: Northville, Fulton Co., NY (home of Taybor Bentley):

Northampton, Fulton Co., NY (home of Anna M. Bentley):

Nancy E. Sperbeck:

George A. Bentley: 1870, age 1 mo. Source Citation: Year: 1870; Census Place: Northampton, Fulton, New York; Roll: M593_938; Page: 278; Image: 560. 1880: Source Citation: Year: 1880; Census Place: Jonesfield, Saginaw, Michigan; Roll: T9_602; Family History Film: 1254602; Page: 1.1000; Enumeration District: 311; Image: 0499.

Civil War, John H. Bentley: Union, Private, Company B 16th NY Heavy Artillery. Source Citation: Box: 551;Extraction: 9; Record: 3013

16th Regiment Heavy Artillery. Companies organized and mustered in as follows: Companies "A" and "B" at Albany, N.Y., September 28, 1863. Left State for Fortress Monroe, Va., October 14, 1863. Regiment on duty at Fortress Monroe, Yorktown and Gloucester Point, Va., until June,, 1864, as Heavy Artillery and Infantry. Companies "A," "B," "C," "F," "G," "K" and "M" attached to 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, 10th Army Corps, Army of the James. July 27 to December 3, 1864.

Bentley note2


John Henry B. in Civil War left Wm in care of someone in Greenfield Ctr - remarried on his return (J.H. was a cooper).

Charles H. - born in Greenfield Ctr - moved to Cambridge - then returned to G.C. Brother Albert also was a cooper.

Uncle Henry - brother of J.H. also a cooper.

Grandfather made barrels in Saginaw Mich - (best ash in county).


Grandfather of Charles Bentley was John H.

Uncle Henry Bentley:

1870: Greenfield, Saratoga, NY

1880: Greenfield, Saratoga, NY

1890: (pvt., Co. H 153 NY infantry, 9/6/1862 to 10/2/1865 3y0m28d, sick in hospital in Albany, 5 days)