The Pierce family has three different connections in this family tree. The first is with Anthony EAMES & Margery PIERCE. Next is Michael J. PIERCE, who married Anthony & Margery's daughter Persis. Third, is Rhoda PIERCE who married Amos CORNELL. It is not yet known if they are all from the same Pierce family.


  1. Richard PEARCE & Marguerite CONEY.
    1. (John PIERCE).
    2. (Robert PIERCE).
    3. (Capt. William PIERCE).
    4. Michael PIERCE, b. 1615; d. 1676; m. 1643 Persis EAMES, b. 10/28/1621 at Fordington, DOR, England; of Charleston, MA, dau. of Anthony Eames & Margery Pierce. He emigrated from Higham, Kent, England in 1640s ("The Great Migration 1630-1640") to Scituate, MA.
      1. John PIERCE m. Patience DOBSON.
        1. Ruth PIERCE, b. 9/6/1689 Scituate, Plymouth, MA; d. 6/18/1719 Swansea, Bristol, MA; m. Stephen CORNELL.
        2. Jael PIERCE.
        3. Mary PIERCE.

Unknown sources at ancestry.com give two dates of birth for Rhoda Pierce Cornell: 4/4/1781 and 8/19/1781 Medway, (Suffolk) Norfolk, MA.

Medway is a town on the Charles River SW of Boston. Ancestry.com Massachusetts Town Birth Records, Medway: Rhoda, b. 8/19/1781, dau. of Jonathan Pierce.