The Barker family has been in America from the early colonial period. The earliest known Barker was John who married Anna Williams and settled in Duxbury, MA. Three generations later, one of John's direct descendants would marry into the Brewster family, providing further descendants with a connection to Elder William Brewster of the Mayflower and Plymouth colony. Some descendants served in the Revolutionary War. There are a substantial number of descendants in the present day, a good number of which live in the Upstate New York area.

See this web page for more on the Barker family: Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs: Barker [Vol. III, pp. 1339-1340].

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Letter: 12/09/1895 C.L. Barker to Rhoda A. Duncan.

Letter: 11/30/1864.

Special section: King Alfred the Great to present.


  1. John Barker (1610 ? Kent, ENG d. 12/14/1652 Duxbury, MA) m. Anna WILLIAMS (1618-1658).
    1. John Barker (1650-1729) m. Desire ANNABLE (1653-1706).
      1. John Barker (1678 Barnstable, MA; d. 1745 Marshfield, MA) m. Hannah EAMES (1684-1714).
        1. John Barker (1705 Marshfield, MA; d. 1757 Norwich, CT) m. Hannah BREWSTER (1710-1728).
          1. Jesse Barker Sr. (b. 6/11/1729 [Source: Ancestry.com U.S. Veterans Gravesites] Norwich, CT; d. 10/8/1778 Cambridge, MA) m. Ann ARNOLD. Jesse was a Private in Revolutionary War starting on 4/3/1777. Burial: 200 Duell Rd., Schuylerville, NY, Gerald B. H. Solomon Saratoga National Cemetery, Section M1 Site 33.
            1. Jesse Barker Jr. (b. 4/21/1761 Brimfield, MA; d. 3/19/1804 Edinburg, NY) [Census: 1800 Providence, NY] m. Prudence PAINE.
              1. James Barker (1786-?).
              2. Jesse Barker III (1788-?).
              3. Anna Barker (1791-?).
              4. Ichabod Barker (1793-1874).
              5. Lydia Barker (1795-?).
              6. John Barker (1800-1864) m. Alice Cornell.
                1. William Fayette Barker (1824-1895).
                2. Edwin Lee Barker (1825-1898).
                3. Charles Humphrey Barker (1828-1867).
                4. Rhoda Angeline Barker (1831-1921) m. Fay DUNCAN.
                5. John Smith Barker (1834-1919).
                6. Henry Sherman Barker (1838-1886).
                7. Jay Lorain Barker (1843-1844).
                8. Amos Eliot Barker (1845-1926).