The Inglefield family links to the Ayres family with the marriage of Mary Elizabeth Inglefield & Samuel Parker Ayres.


  1. James INGLEFIELD, b. abt. 1795 Chilibolton, Hampshire, ENG; d. 1858 Sherfield on Loddon, Hampshire [CENSUS: 1841, 1851 Sherfield on Loddon] m. 1/13/1817 at St. Thomas, Winchester, Hampshire, ENG to Elizabeth DOVE, bap. 3/4/1795 Cranbrook [IGI] [CENSUS: 1841, 1851 Sherfield on Loddon] dau of William DOVE & Jane HUMPHRY.
    1. Cornelius INGLEFIELD, b. 10/19/1818 Winchester, Hampshire, Eng. [IGI] [CENSUS: 1850, 1860 Knoxville, IA, ____, 1880] m. 9/5/1841 Meigs Co., OH to Jane BANKS, b. 1817 Ireland (dau. of Mary Ann SCOTT & James BANKS).
      1. Emily INGLEFIELD, b. 1843.
      2. Cornelia INGLEFIELD, b. 1844.
      3. Charles INGLEFIELD, b. 1845.
      4. Samuel INGLEFIELD, b. 1847.
      5. Mary Elizabeth INGLEFIELD m. Samuel Parker AYRES.
      6. Sarah INGLEFIELD, b. 1853.
      7. Martha INGLEFIELD, b. 1857.
    2. Matilda Dove INGLEFIELD, b. 9/10/1830; bap. 10/13/1830 Wesleyan, Andover, Hampshire, ENG [IGI, IGI]; d. 3Q-1909 [CENSUS: 1841, 1851, ____, ____, 1881, 1891, ____].


Google Maps:

Chilbolton, Andover, Sherfield on Loddon, Winchester.

Winchester: 12.2 miles SE of Andover, 8.3 miles SE of Chilbolton, 21.3 miles SW of Sherfield on Loddon.

Inglefield Family: Geography


Hampshire Archives:

James Inglefield

Monumental inscriptions:

18. Flat stone, cracked.
    Mary, wife of Rd. Inglefield
    d. 4/2/1786 aged 37 [b. abt. 1749]
    Rd. Inglefield d. 5/9/1804 aged 70 [b. abt. 1734]

20. Rd. Inglefield (flat stone, badly worn)
    d. 3/15/1811 aged 49 [b. abt. 1762]

FamilySearch.org IGI:

John, bap. 5/13/1759 St. Maurice, Winchester, Hampshire, ENG [IGI] and
John, bap. 5/14/1760 St. Maurice, Winchester, Hampshire, ENG [IGI]
John, son of Thomas Inglefield & Ann ? Will: 25 JAN 1615 Sherfield Upon Loddon, Hampshire, England [IGI] and [IGI]
[IGI] John Inglefield m. Sarah Soan on 11/15/1730 Winchester, Hampshire
[IGI] John Inglefield, b. abt. 1705 Portsea, Hampshire m. Sarah Soan of Ouslibary [OWSLEBURY abt. 3 mi se of Winchester], Hampshire on 11/15/1730 at Winchester
John Inglefield of St. Maurice m. Mary EARLEY on 9/17/1757 at St Michael-In-The Soke, Winchester, Hampshire [IGI]


Richard HUMPHERY b. abt. 1728 Cranbrook m. Fullager TILDEN (dau. of George Tilden & Elizabeth Fullager) [IGI]
Richard Humphrey, b. abt. 1728 Cranbrook [IGI]
Stephen HUMPHREY & Amy CROWE Harvey, b. abt. 1873 Cranbrook Frank, b. abt. 1875 Cranbrook [IGI]
George HUMPHREY b. abt. 1629 Cranbrook & Mary EVERNDEN b. abt. 1633 Cranbrook [IGI]
1. Mary, bap. 4/28/1655 Cranbrook
2. Thomas, bap. 7/15/1656 Cranbrook
3. Anne, bap. 5/26/1659 Cranbrook
Josian Humphrey & Elisabeth ?
1. Jesse, b. 12/4/1791, bap. 1/20/1792 Chapel On The Hill-Independent, Cranbrook [IGI]
2. Jabez, m., b. 1/6/1793, bap. 3/6/1793 [IGI]
3. Richard Thomas, b. 10/1/1790, bap. 12/5/1790 [IGI]
4. Allice, b. 3/20/1796, bap. 4/13/1796 [IGI]
5. John, b. 7/25/1788, bap. 9/20/1788 [IGI]
6. Sarah, b. 4/16/1794, bap. 5/23/1794 [IGI]
7. Maria, bap. 10/20/1793 Cranbrook [IGI]
? and Ann Humphrey Elvester Humphrey bap. 3/9/1817 Cranbrook [IGI]
George Humphrey, son of Thomas, m. on 1/31/1653 to Mary EVERNDEN dau. of Robert at Cranbrook [IGI]
Martha Hunphrey m. on 7/20/1795 to George Judge at Cranbrook [IGI]
Humffry Humffry m. on 9/23/1611 to Elizabeth Lylly at Cranbrook [IGI]
Margaret Humphrey m. on 1/15/1615 to John Scranton at Cranbrook [IGI]
Henry Humfry m. on 11/26/1610 to Constance Dinne at Cranbrook [IGI]
John Umphrie m. on 4/18/1637 to Elizabeth Clarke at Cranbrook [IGI]
John Humphry m. on 6/20/1614 to Joan Benskine at Cranbrook [IGI]
Elizabeth Umphrie m. on 10/11/1631 to James Weller at Cranbrook [IGI]
Elizabeth Humphrey m. on 4/28/1635 to William Weller at Cranbrook [IGI]
John Humphries & Ann ?
1. Ann, bap. 7/25/1824 Cranbrook [IGI]
2. Jane, bap. 10/13/1833 Cranbrook [IGI]
3. Harriet, bap. 10/11/1835 Cranbrook [IGI]
Elvester Humphrey m. on 12/17/1815 to William Gill at Cranbrook [IGI]
Ann Humphrey m. on 5/23/1794 to Thomas Wilden at Cranbrook [IGI]
Maria Humphrey m. on 8/18/1812 to Peter Pedraglio at Cranbrook [IGI]
Ann Humphrey m. on 8/3/1830 to Douglas Moodie at Cranbrook [IGI]
Martha Humphrey m. on 11/20/1794 to George Judd at Cranbrook [IGI]
William Humphrey & Ann ? Mary Ann, bap. 4/11/1852 Cranbrook [IGI]
James Humphry & Elvester ? Sarah, bap. 10/30/1804 Cranbrook
[IGI] Ann, bap. 2/27/1802 Cranbrook
[IGI] Mary Ann, bap. 11/14/1798 Cranbrook
Johis. Humfrey [?] Elizabeth, bap. 8/16/1618 Cranbrook [IGI]
Henrici Humfrey
Mary, bap. 12/10/1611 Cranbrook [IGI]
Elizabeth Umfrey, bap. 10/17/1613 Cranbrook [IGI]


William Dove & Jane Humphry
  Fullagar, b. 1784
  Ann, b. 1787
  Dinah, 1790-1819, m. John Jenner 4/11/1809
    Miriam Jenner, 1810-1889, m1 John Barns, 1 child; m2 George Mills, 7 children.
    George, 1814
    Charles, 1816
  Elizabeth, 1795
William Dove m. Jane Humphry on 11/25/1782 at Cranbrook, Kent [IGI]
1. Fullagar, fem., bap. 2/25/1784 Cranbrook [IGI]
2. Sarah, bap. 9/7/1785 Cranbrook [IGI]
3. Ann, bap. 9/7/1787 Cranbrook [IGI]
4. Diana, bap. 11/21/1790 Cranbrook [IGI]
5. Elizabeth, bap. 3/4/1795 Cranbrook [IGI]
Michael Dove & Mary ?
1. Mary, bap. 11/22/1707 Cranbrook [IGI]
2. Elizabeth, bap. 3/2/1709 Cranbrook [IGI]
3. Joanna, bap. 4/21/1715 Cranbrook [IGI]
John Dove
Thomas Dove, b. 3/7/1663, bap. 7/18/1664 Cranbrook [IGI]
John Dove & Joane Earle
1. Mary, bap. 4/2/1660 Cranbrook [IGI]
2. John, bap. 8/25/1661 Cranbrook [IGI]
John DOVE m. on 4/22/1595 to Mary EVERDEN at Cranbrook [IGI]
John DOVE m. on 9/24/1645 to Phillipp PELL at Cranbrook [IGI]
Anne DOVE m. on 10/6/1645 to John BLIST at Cranbrook [IGI]
Elizabeth DOVE m. on 2/10/1765 to John TANNER at Cranbrook [IGI]
Catharine DOVE m. on 6/7/1812 to John FUNNALL at Cranbrook [IGI]
Mary DOVE m. on 2/20/1775 to Samuel COUCHMAN at Cranbrook [IGI]
Michael Dove & Mary ?
1. Mary, bap. 5/7/1746 Cranbrook, Kent [IGI]
2. Mary, bap. 2/3/1751 Cranbrook [probably died young] [IGI]
3. Mary, bap. 10/3/1755 Cranbrook [IGI]
4. Catherine, bap. 3/25/1757 Cranbrook [IGI]
5. Anne, bap. 8/28/1761 Cranbrook [IGI]
John DOVE m. on 4/20/1740 to Elizabeth BINCHAM at Cranbrook [IGI]
Mary DOVE m. on 4/29/1734 to Mosed EDMUNDS at Cranbrook [IGI]
Michael DOVE m. on 8/26/1793 to Frances LARKIN at Cranbrook [IGI]
Mary DOVE m. on 10/4/1744 to Enoch SOWTON at Cranbrook [IGI]
Thomas DOVE m. on 10/5/1747 to Elizabeth BENWICK at Cranbrook [IGI]
Ann DOVE m. on 2/13/1786 to William DUREY at Cranbrook [IGI]
Michael Dove & Elizabeth ? Elizabeth, bap. 4/5/1743 Cranbrook [IGI]
John Dove & Elizabeth ?
1. Elizabeth, bap. 5/26/1745 Cranbrook [IGI]
2. Mary, bap. 3/13/1752 Cranbrook [IGI]
Will Dove, bap. 1/24/1607 Cranbrook, Kent [IGI]
John Dove
William, bap. 1/14/1665 Cranbrook, Kent [IGI]
William Dove m. Mary Goodwin on 12/6/1733 at Cranbrook, Kent [IGI]
Mary Dove, bap. 7/25/1596 Cranbrook, Kent [IGI]
Mary Dove, bap. 1/22/1603 Cranbrook, Kent [IGI]
Margery Dove, bap. 1/22/1603 Cranbrook, Kent [IGI]
Michall Dove, bap. 7/18/1602 Cranbrook, Kent [IGI]
John Dove
Elinor, bap. 2/10/1599 Cranbrook, Kent [IGI]
[IGI] Katherine Dove, bap. 5/6/1610 Cranbrook, Kent
[IGI] Anne Dove, bap. 1/15/1614 Cranbrook, Kent
[IGI] Patience Dove, bap. 3/17/1604 Cranbrook, Kent